The Extreme Left Moves to Phase II Against Scott Walker

By | May 10, 2012

The Daily Kos and it’s sheeplings are at it again.  They are trying to get Gov. Scott Walker removed from office in a recall election because he removed public unions ability to fleece the taxpayers by raiding the treasury as Democrats give them lucrative contracts in return for election year favors. Gov. Walker protected his State’s taxpayers by saying that they can no longer get gifts from the State Congress. They can no longer hold the State taxpayer hostage. They will have to negotiate just like everyone else – and it has absolutely sent the liberals off the deep end. “Out in left field” is our page to share with you what the left is doing and how you can help fight back. Notice that in the email sent from the Daily Kos, the end it with “Thank you for uniting us as a progressive” .. umm,  I know there aren’t many of them, but sure thought there were more than one. First: the bad stuff…

What the Extreme Left is doing:

Last night in Wisconsin, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett won the Democratic nomination to take on Governor Scott Walker in the June 5 recall. Now our opportunity to defeat the Walker-Koch agenda is in sight.
Please contribute $5 to help Tom Barrett defeat Scott Walker.
Mayor Barrett is a strong standard-bearer for progressives in the recall. While representing Wisconsin in Congress, Mayor Barrett stood with me in voting against the deregulation that led to the Wall Street crash, opposing the PATRIOT Act, and reforming our system of campaign finance. His executive experience makes him qualified to begin rolling back Walker’s devastating program on day one.
Scott Walker relies on corporate bosses from coast to coast who have armed him with tens of millions of dollars. But if grassroots progressives unite around Tom Barrett, we can put an end to Walker’s harmful policies and slam the brakes on the national corporate agenda.
Please contribute $5 to Tom Barrett and unite to defeat Scott Walker.
Thank you for uniting as a progressive, Russ Feingold

Now the good stuff:

What the Rest of America needs to do:

Support Scott Walker by going to rallies, giving money or time:

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