Stupidity With A Side of Nazi Please

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  • Actually, I think you’re missing the model. If those interested can make the state fail, say like the Weimar Republic, the Tsar’s Russia, Italy prior to Mussolini, or Batista’s Cuba, the people will jump at whatever offers them security from the uncertainty.

    That is when the Socialists with their media accomplices will sell the American people on the idea that the Socialists will make it all better, if the populace will agree to cede the rights of the scapegoat groups for the “greater good”. Because of 40 years of union directed education, very few will recognize the warning signs and follow the judas goat to the slaughter. The American Socialist Union Party will have, of course, no resemblance to the Nationalist German Worker’s Party because “everyone knows” those socialist were “right wing” (That is if you repeat it often enough, black becomes white)