Sessions: IRS Checks To Illegal Immigrants Part Of Larger Border Problem

By | May 11, 2012

“The United States’ Treasury Department’s own Inspector General reported that in 2010, the IRS paid illegal aliens a staggering $4.2 billion in child tax credits for dependents that don’t even live in this country

“Under new guidelines, if the Department of Homeland Security doesn’t consider someone a ‘priority,’ that individual’s deportation proceedings are closed and they are allowed to remain in the country. So far, the Administration has granted this form of backdoor amnesty to almost 17,000 illegal aliens, some of whom have been convicted of a crime…

“The way forward for our country, the right way to end the bitterness and develop common solutions for all residents, is to first secure the border as Americans have asked us to do year after year. And this Congress and this administration [have] failed to do so. We must rebuild that trust…”

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One thought on “Sessions: IRS Checks To Illegal Immigrants Part Of Larger Border Problem


    Exceptions = Amnesty. Borders have long served to ‘define’, identify, & protect differences. Our Border have become a pus filled sore infecting the very soveriegnty so many have died to protect. We lock the doors to our homes. WHY bother? We do it to ‘protect’ it & to keep the UNinvited out! If they bridge that threshold, they are criminals, w/o regard as to the reason. They entered illegally, & are prosicuited as such. This is NO different! It’s past time to put away the enticments & yank the welcome mat up, slam the door & bolt it from ‘this’ side! It’s not sharing when only one party is giving & becomes a dangerous game. That’s the opinion of this ONE AMERICAN

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