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Reid protects illegal aliens taking taxpayer funds

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  1. Geheimish Verbotten

    Mr. Russell, Fair Tax is NOT a FLAT TAX. These are two different issues. By putting them in the same message, you can confuse people to support the wrong issue. A flat tax is a INCOME tax without loopholes and deduction. You take a percentage of your income, no matter how much and send that percentage of your income to the IRS. It does NOT end the IRS!!
    It does NOT eliminate the Income Tax. When the income tax started in 1913 it WAS A FLAT TAX!!! It didn’t go into effect until a person earned over $4,000 per year. (equivalent to $250,000) now. Anything after $4,000 was tax a a FLAT 10% ergo, the FLAT TAX. Some of the sleazy politicians want the flat tax knowing that it will end up the same way it is now within a few years.
    The FAIR TAX is a consumption tax. It WILL end the IRS. It will end the INCOME TAX. We have to repeal the 16th Amendment according to the sleazy politicans even though the 16th Amendment gave no new taxing powers to Congress!!!! FAIR TAX is a viable alternative to the current system and the sleazy FLAT TAX.

  2. I support the FairTax. I would run against any Democrat or Republican that steals taxpayer money to support illegal aliens or who allows these loopholes to continue. Anyone who does not seriously want a simple flat tax that protects Americans wages while eliminating Income Taxation completely. Visit: http://www.fairtax.org for more information.

  3. Reid is a traitor to the United States. He is allowing illegal aliens to steal taxpayers money. Harry Reid will do anything to get illegal aliens votes even though they are not allowed to be here or vote. He is wasting Tax payers money and should be thrown out on his ass.