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6 thoughts on “Occupying A Job On Wall St

  1. Principlex

    Stop fascism. (Communism is when the government owns all property. Fascism is when the individuals have title to the property, but the government regulates and directs the use and disposal of it.) Separate economy and state.

    Thanks for your work.

    1. A.F.Branco

      Thank you for comment… You make a great point.

  2. Corkie

    Wall Street and Obama are very suspect all the way around. I don’t believe either side about anything! Something is going on for sure! Love the clothespin LMAO! We’ll have to keep that handy for when we vote for Romney! HA!
    Excellent toon Tony!

  3. Terry

    Wall Street overwhelming supported (and currently supports) our Marxist president. Shouldn’t they revel in the love and regard our Marxist president and his Occupyer lackeys give them in return?

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