Mr. President: Stop Tanking America

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  • RESIGN Hussien Obama , as we see you and your appointees for what you are…. YOU are America’s greatest Liars.

    Never before has America been under attack from WITHIN as it is under this admisnistration.

    Never before have the violations of the Oath of your office been so blatently VIOLATED.

    Obama, and YOU Michelle Obama, together with Eric Holder are the very icons of Shame and Disgrace to our country, and in the eyes of the world.

    Never Before has the conduct of a president and his administration been so deserving of admonishments, and disdain from American Citizenery. Your Dwon fall is imparitive, adn ever more near….thankfully.

    Never Before has America had such a large number of young people who are suceptible to such lies and distortions as those you perpatrate upon them.

    In the past Americans have allowed diluted education of our young people to create vast numbers of “willing ignorants”, by omitting key U.S.History, key courses of studies such as Greek civilization and “critical” thinking, and “critical reading” courses.

    We will teach our children well, and the mask and deplorable reality of such despots as YOU Obama. With proper education tyrannists such as you are can never viel teh self-serving and EgoCentric destructive beings that you are.

    If we FAIL to TEACH freedom (and we will not fail this)… then FREEDOM will be lost.

    NOW, more than ever, parents are TEACHING FREEDOM to assure the likes of you will never succeed.

    RESIGN….just RESIGN, and do the world a favor in doing so.!

  • You are destroying America, stop! Your’s lies will not help America, stop! Americans need jobs, growth,
    medical, not Obema care. We need are business’s to grow we do not need the government to grow. We need are constitution to be upheld and not changed. We need are votes to be heard and not put up for more votes after the people said no. How many times do the Americans have to vote on Marriage is between a man and women. You cannot make the government tell a church they have to supply medical or money for something the church doen’t agree with. Read the constitution and follow it.

  • God Bless Mark Levine, if it wasn’t for that man, I would never know this wonderful site!

  • resign!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Katherine Loerch

    You are personally responsible for the loss of an untold number of jobs. Your programs and the regulations your people are putting into place are tanking America. STOP trying to destroy America.