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Romney Clinches GOP Nomination, not everyone’s excited

After months of heated debate, ad campaigns, news stories and commentary, the race for the GOP nomination for the President of the United States is over and Gov. Mitt Romney is the winner.

Romney won enough delegates from the Texas primary to reach the required 1144 delegate votes needed to become the nominee. Tonight’s tally effectively ends all conversation of a brokered convention and allows the election to focus on the two plausible candidates for the top seat in American government: Obama and Romney.

Americans are largely looking at this year’s Presidential race as a race between the lesser of two evils. In a Rasmussen Reports poll released today, 46% of  likely voters polled said that this is simply a choice between the lesser of two evils while 44% are excited about their political choice. 10% couldn’t decide whether they were excited or not by their choices for President.

For non-Obama voters, the poll had some other interesting information. While 64% of Democrats are enthusiastically supporting Barack Obama, 59% of Republicans and 53% of unaffiliated voters will be voting for Romney simply as a vote against Obama.

Scott Rasmussen, president of Rasmussen Reports felt that it illustrated the the different motivations for voters this election year, “Democrats are more excited about their candidate but Republicans are more excited about the election. Despite misgivings about Romney, the GOP still has the edge on intensity.”

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More succinctly, the election is lining up to be a referendum on Obama, his administration and its policies. Liberals will be voting for Obama and the rest of America will be voting against him.

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