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Millionaire Socialists and the Morons Who Love Them

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  1. Thanks for the list. You bring up a great examples of inconsistnecies within a false idea that we should all pay attention to, if we haven’t already. As Frederic Bastiat once said, “On a wrong road, inconsistency is inevitable; if it were not so, mankind would be sacrificed. A false principle never has been, and never will be, carried out to the end.”

    On a side note, I’m actually reading “The Audacity of Hope,” by Barak Obama. I’m using it for a paper that will cover the President’s philosophy using his own words. So far it’s very interesting.

    For Metaphysics: “We live in a contradictary world.”
    For Epistemology: “Uncertainty; even about being uncertain. We must, however, appear certain.”
    For Ethics: “Relativism.” And, “Who am I to know when others seem so certain.”
    For Politics: “Majority rules as long as it supports equality (of outcome).”

    The man is at least logically consistent. Even when he contradicts himself, he is consistent within his framework — we live in a contradictory world after all.

  2. So, are the public to believe that Anne Sinclair, the wife of DSK, one of the top journalists in France, was not aware that her husband was raping and abusing women?

    She used her inherited wealth to fund his career and life style and she dreamed of becoming the wife of the President of France. She deliberately ignored his penchant for rape and violent sexual abuse of women because it was inconvenient.

    The use of weasel words by Joan Smith such as ‘libertine’ serves only to obfuscate, and she fails to mention the most recent allegations against Strauss-Kahn which include gang rape and forced anal sex with a Belgian prostitute, Marie-Anne S, who had been flown to meet him in the W hotel in Washington.

    Anne Sinclair has much to answer for!