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Michelle Bachmann Proves (AGAIN) That She Is Not A Conservative


First, she proved her inability to identify poor budgeting by voting for spending bills along party lines – when BOTH parties have deepened our debt.

Then she voted for the “TSA Authorization Act” in 2009 which allowed the TSA to use nude body scanners that, quote: “creates a visual image of the individual’s full body, showing the surface of the skin”.

Now, Michele Bachmann has solidified herself as a Pure Republican, Pseudoconservative with the following tweet:



Mitt Romney is just as far from being a Conservative as Barack Obama is.  For Bachmann to endorse his candidacy furthers her resume of non-conservative decisions.

Bachmann, like Allen West, must go.


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  1. Yeah, because Gary Johnson/Ron Paul is going surprise us all and beat both Romney and BO.
    Seriously dude?
    Bachmann might not be a libertarian leaning republican but she ain’t Lindsey Graham and neither is Mitt Romney. To say that Mitt Romney is as “far from conservatism” as President Obama is nothing but foolish. The small step in the correct direction that Mitt provides is far better than the giant leap off a cliff that a second term for Obeezy would be.