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Memorial Day Thank you

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Comments (8)

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  1. Skittles says:

    I may not support the wars but I do support the troops.

  2. voice says:

    well this one i totally agree with people take for granted the reason why we are free. we go to the movies, resturants, shopping, spend time with our familes while people are giving their lives to protect us.

    Good Cartoon – we need more like this.

  3. Cameron King says:

    To those who stand watch;

    “This sleepy morn I wax poetic
    Thinking of verse and friendly rhetoric
    Safe and secure, I write from my home
    While a soldier afar, stands watch all alone
    He does his grim duty, serving our cause
    His comrades sent home, covered in gauze
    Now some will mock him and call him a killer
    They call him a fool, just another coffin filler
    They mock the values that move him to serve
    Though he always stays true, never loosing his nerve
    So I ask when vile words, you are tempted to speak
    To remember who guards you, and the home where you sleep”

    ~Cameron King, AKA: Verum Ad Potentia

    May God bless the Men and Women of the US Armed Forces
    and the families who keep the home fires burning while they are away. Happy Memorial Day Weekend, and may God bless you all.

    (I will never forget)

  4. bronx says:

    Whenever I see this image my heart bleeds with sadiness knowing that at one time a Soldier wearing them booths traveled many lonely miles so I can rest my head and be at peace while I sleep. So sad, but thanks Tony for bring out the truth in your work.