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32 thoughts on “Meet the Left’s Founding Fathers

  1. Michael Cohen

    You know, if you wanted to be fair, you could’ve included MLK or Gandhi or William Jennings Bryan. Of course, you don’t want to be fair, do you, Kyle? I could do the same thing with Augustine, Luther, Jefferson, Washington, Jesus, Reagan, Rand, etc… You name it. Aristotle thought slavery was a good idea and you’re pretty keen on him. What does that say about you? (And by the way, I say YOU, Kyle. Not conservatives or Republicans. You specifically, I wouldn’t slander an entire group because I don’t like ideas of a writer that group might not even identify with. You know who else did that? Hitl… See, that’s disgusting. But how is that any different than what you’ve done in this essay?)

    History is a beautiful topic that has many amazing people in it. All of those people had ideas that were disgusting. That doesn’t discount all of their ideas. What’s more, it doesn’t indict other people who find their ideas fascinating. To attempt to do so isn’t being “irreverent”. It’s being cowardly.

  2. Mune Shadowe

    Sigmund Freud was a sexual deviant, and very much per-occupied with it.
    Gyorgy Lukacs what he was teaching is being practiced through our public “Fool” system today and is working his theory rather well.

  3. Jeremy Griffith

    Wow, Kyle. Great article. It looks like you have done a lot of research for this one. I enjoyed it very much.

  4. py

    I rename this article, Just Picking Thirty Guys I Don’t like. LOL HABERMAS.

    1. Kyle Becker Post author

      Jurgen Habermas? Widely considered to be the most influential living embodiments of the Frankfurt School.

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  6. Fred

    How does one fight this many headed beast upon our land?

  7. Lev Lafayette

    Martin Heidegger?! He’s about as conservative as they come..

    Also, do you think you could list any more Jews as belonging to the evil socialist left?

  8. Joseph Conrad

    Please, Keynes was about as centre-right (conservative) as you can get. He saw himself as saving capitalism. Niezche was psdeu-Nazi. Chomsky has attacked Obama on occasion, seeing (rightly) your two party system (both parties rightist) as a farce. Obama has extended the Bush tax cuts. Most anarchists would not consider Lenin to be on the left.
    To be brutally honest your “Founding Fathers” are a joke. Rebels and lawbreakers. The French Revolution was based on American one. Rospierre was one of your lot.

  9. mountainguy

    Well, I admit my first comment was a mere rant (and a silly one, though I honestly expressed my problem with conservative christianity). It makes me sick when people points out Obama is a leftist (he isn’t, as Keynes clearly wasn’t one). The man might be a very bad president; heck, he is a serious candidate for being the most warmonger nobel peace prize, but he is not a leftist (it doesn’t make him good or bad; I’m simply asserting what is truth).
    BTW, I dislike Obama, even if I could agree with some of his views (anyway, I am not usamerican, so I mostly focus on his foreign policy, which is still as bad as GW Bush’s)

    1. george

      You can’t even read the text in front of you. Don’t leave the mountains, you might find the valleys a threat to your view of reality.

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