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4 thoughts on “Meet Obama’s Newest Composite Girlfriend “Julia”: A Helpless Welfare Queen in Need of a Sugar Daddy

  1. voice

    this is a bunch of crap until you are down out don’t say people are looking for a hand out if unemployment is high that means there is not a job for everyone what are those without jobs are to do. rob, steal, kill for a buck. oh i know start a business like romeney and become a vulture capitalist. it takes a dime to make a dime.welfare sucks no wants that measley check of anywhere from 120.00-200.00 per month yes where do you live. i guess they can catch the final call at neimans or stop by the hoilday inn, or wyndam for a room. oh and soap and cleanclothes are a real priority, if you are not so depressed your only thoughts are looking for the nearest brige to jump from or the nearest roof to jump and that is on a good day. so if you think welfare is what people want try living like a welfare recipient for a year or two and see if you are still sane.

    1. Kyle Becker Post author

      The reason unemployment is high is because government intervention is inordinate.

  2. Larry Tate

    The “Life of Julia” describes life from the cradle to the grave once liberalism fully implements its plan for America’s future. On the surface, it appears that the need of every person will be met, and liberalism will be viewed as the compassionate savior of humanity. On a deeper level however, liberalism’s plan will result in every person being dependent on the government for virtually every aspect of life. The frightening part of this whole scenario is that there’s an even deeper, and more sinister aspect of Liberalism’s plan. In this deepest and darkest level, Liberalism doesn’t really care about the masses, and they don’t care about the welfare of the poor. Liberalism cares about two things and two things only: power and money—and class distinction in a very big way. Under the banner of Liberalism, the people who are dependent on the government, will by default, be relegated to the lower class. The leaders of Liberalism however, will have the coveted privilege of belonging to the ruling class! While the common people will get their promised medical care, it will be strictly rationed according to charts and statistics that reflect a combination of remaining life expectancy and future productivity. The ruling class on the other hand, will have a much greater level of medical care. While the common people will have their basic needs met, the ruling class will live in luxury, eating the best of meals, living in the best of housing, and traveling the world “for the good of the government.”

  3. Bronx

    I think Obama found “Julia” on Craigslist.

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