Leftism for Dummies

By | May 24, 2012

1. Make up your perfect fantasy land.

2. Work to destroy anything that is not in your fantasy land.

3. Villainize all who tell you your fantasy land isn’t real.

4. Support leaders who promise you your fantasy land.

5. When things get worse and worse, and people scream at you to stop, remain firm in belief that your fantasy land is near.

6. When system collapses, act shocked when jackbooted dictators take over and fail to deliver fantasy land.

7. Get locked in gulag, wonder what happened.

8. Receive thanks from those who told you so.

9. Apologize to the victims?

10. A bullet to the back of the head.

The End.

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5 thoughts on “Leftism for Dummies

  1. michellesbigbeaver

    1. Make up your perfect fantasy land and always pay for it with Other People’s Money……

  2. Adam

    Sounds like a perfect description of religion.

    1. RAB3

      No I am pretty sure their being no God is a bigger fantasy. I mean you do believe in proving a negative. No there is a fantasy.

    2. BAllen

      Well, one particular religion anyway. Just sayin…

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