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6 thoughts on “Jehmu Greene Calls Tucker Carlson A “Bow-Tying White Boy”

  1. Mark

    For some reason everybody seems to forget several things about Liberals:
    1) Do as I say not as I do
    2) The truth sometimes gets in the way of the agenda
    3) Only white Conservatives are bigoted racists
    4) Freedom of speech is only acceptable if that speech is something that I agree with

  2. Kathy Smith

    If I said that on my job, I would be fired and lose my license…….
    If Fox dont get rid of Juan Williams, Jehmu, Bob Bekel, then I will get rid of Fox news and watch sitcoms and forget politics and news all together.
    I had a much nicer life when I didnt.
    We have had to hear these liberals and democrats on Fox for 4 abusive years daily on every show that comes on and we are sick of it and should sue Fox for mental breakdown…….GET RID OF THEM, FIRE THEM, OR WE CUT FOX NEWS OFF AND START OUR OWN BOYCOTT FOX NEWS FACEBOOK PAGE……..IM A TEA PARTY MEMBER AND IM ASHAMED OF FOX NEWS……..

    1. Tunnel Dweller

      If you don’t like the liberals on Fox News, good luck with those sitcoms. At least on Fox, the liberals have to defend their points; on prime-time TV we conservatives are subjected to never-ending preaching and ridicule with no one there to defend our cause.

  3. nature223

    shoulda responded by calling her a pancake box aunt jemima liberal.
    bet that would’ve really got her panties in a twist

  4. Sherry

    Wow! First it was Bob Beckel dropping the F word,now this. The liberals are really losing it on live TV proving what they are AND how they operate when you don’t agree with them. They resort to foul language and name calling, then they try to walk it back with denial and lies. Beckel claimed he didn’t realize his mic was still on or he thought they were off the air and now Jehmu claims she didn’t call Tucker a name when you can clearly hear her doing it. Hannity immediately offered Beckel a chance to apologized, which Beckel refused so Hannity apologized for him. Could you imagine a conservative getting away with this?

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