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Is the NAACP A Fair Representation of the African-American Community?

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  1. WillofLA,

    I see you’re still in LA-LA land. Racism is ONLY white versus black? Really? Are you stuck in the 50’s and 60’s again? Racism is applied to any race, when someone from that race hates anyone from a different race. There is white on black as well as black on white racism. Do you not understand that?

    You also mentioned that most gays are white. Really? Where did you get that information? You are truly showing your ignorance of the issue if you really believe that. You also need to look up the word ‘bigoted,’ as you obviously mis-spoke in your earlier comment. I do agree that it is NOT racist to hold a negative view of homosexuals, as they belong to numerous races.

    That being said, I agree with your primary argument that the NAACP is showing its colors by siding with the Marxist we currently “enjoy” as our President. Maybe if people weren’t scared of being called “racist” by not voting for Obama due to his skin color we would have avoided this mistake of a president.


  3. The NAACP thinks it’s okay for same sex marrage and that it’s comparible to “civil rights”. Really? Since when did homo’s become a new race of people? When did they become a new species? And critisizing so-called “gays” can’t be called being bigoted, or descriminatory because in order to be making racist or bigoted statements you have to be critisizing a separate “race” other than yourself. This is not possible unless there were only one kind of gay and they were Black if you were White. And since most gays are White and it’s White people who are critisizing them it’s not a bigoted or racist statement to say they are wrong in their position on same sex marrage.

    And since most Blacks are strongly Christian this NAACP representative can’t be speaking for them, and they have already met with Obama and they told him they do NOT support his position on gay marrage. And besides that everybody knows the NAACP is turning Communist so they don’t count when it comes to anything American. Their opinion doesn’t count, they’re unAmerican and are against our culture. And the American culture has always been anti-gay!