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One thought on “Will America Ever Bridge The Racial Divide?

  1. Trish

    What most people find themselves doing is steering themselves away from the fact that the parents want justice in this case and they are the ones who started the social media parade. The fact that Jesse and Al are involved is irrelevant to me. If the parents of Trayvon hadn’t gotten the worlds attention to this case, it would have been completely brushed under the rug. The only way to take action when we feel we are wronged is by bringing attention to the matter – even if media has to be involved the way it is. The whole race debate came into play because of the actions and alleged use of the word ‘coon’ by Zimmerman – he has a strong history of calling the police on ‘suspicious’ blacks. A person is not suspicious because they are walking home from the corner store with a can of tea and skittles. Think about it.

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