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The Swedish Disaster – America’s Future?

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  1. All of my family lives in Sweden and they are much better off there than I am here in America. They all own their own houses, half of them built their own custom house. My dad moved here in the late 70’s and his cousin that is in the same field of work as him makes far more money and travels the world every year. I don’t really see what the downside is of paying parents up to a year to stay and raise their young infants instead of paying a random, hopefully honest person to raise your child for you. Also, elderly abuse is rampant here in America as well, with often people putting their own parents in convalescent homes and saying good bye forever. By the way, my aunt died of cancer in her late forties and once she was diagnosed she never went back to work. I guess it is pretty upsetting though to see a country that is doing the opposite of what you beleive in and runs a surplus every year instead of a major deficit like America is. I don’t know if you’ve heard of HDI and Inequaliy HDI, but it is done by the UN and ranks countries based on their standard of living and education among other things. Sweden is top 10, and in IHDI Sweden climbs to top 3. Meanwhile America goes from top 4 and drops to 23 overall in the world, right above Estonia. I think it’s time to stop beleiving that big business is looking out for you. Unless you beleive that your cut of Exxon’s $9+ billion quarterly profits is just lost in the mail somewhere.

    • HCH,
      Using your condition here in the US and comparing to your better off family in Sweden is the type of example we have come to expect from the Obama administration and socialist-leaning liberals.

      The difference between Sweden and the U.S. is your ability to change your situation. I grew up, as did most of my family, with little money. I served my country, worked hard and started my own business and then worked harder. I was able to improve my condition very quickly through hard work and risk taking – not by waiting for the next Swedish hand out or taking a year off to be at home with the kids or getting a ton of vacation every year.

      To complete your analysis of why Sweden rocks.. Sweden is better for the lazy, “me me” crowd than the U.S. Which might be why Sweden is hardening its immigration laws – they don’t want any more slacker imports.

      I personally wish we could export every one of you “equality of condition” morons that fail to see the error in thinking that the government actually gives a crap about your condition.

      • Obviously you didn’t read a word I said because I have proof that what the author is stating is wrong and/or generalized and happens all over the world. Also, I work my butt off trying to become something here in America. I work in construction and due to our horrible economy I can hardly work six months out of the year, thanks most likely to people like you who put all of there business losses on credit and push it off as long as possible until you give into the American way and just file bankruptcy, the ultimate socialist program. Besides the fact that you just looked over the part that Sweden is actually better off, they make as much money, they have better education and the government actually knows how to make a budget and follow it. And, I’m still failing to see the problem with taking care of your own children. Please explain. If Sweden is better for the “lazy crowd” then how come so many very successful companies come from Sweden and their economy is far better off than ours?

        I never stated that I’m looking for handouts(it is becoming apparent that your American education didn’t teach you how to read) I just want more equality among the nation than that of a second world country. I’m sure you don’t know what I’m talking about since you don’t read before posting. Also, if there were a shred of truth to the claim that the rich are our nation’s job creators, then given how rich the rich have gotten, America should be drowning in jobs.

        You’re right though, the government cares about their own pockets, not the people it was setup in the first place to look after and represent. The whole REASON we got our independence from Britain in the first place.

        Good for you though.

  2. “I will work harder.” — Boxer in Orwell’s “Animal Farm”.

    If you’ve read it, you’ll know where hard work under Socialism will get you. Every time.

  3. Conservatives know this, you’re only preaching to the choir. REgressive pols know this too but think THIS TIME it can be managed properly. REgressive progs want the goodies, everything else be damned, including our heritage and culture of personal responsibility.

    In this next election, the left and it’s ally, the left dominated media have thrown off any pretenses-they are going to use anything including theft and blatant voter fraud to keep Obama in office.

    I fully expect widespread violence in my lifetime and am prepared for it.