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6 thoughts on “The Nursery Days

  1. voice

    great it shows how deep some conservative can’t go. yeah i see the two wine glasses the guy at the gsa hotel the photo of the guy in the tub. the communitst sickle on the blanket oh and look the innocent looking babe on the other side with the silver spoon in it’s mouth. yes that child seems harmless but if romeny the ectch a sketch flipflopping, mad man pandering, tea partier kiss ass gets in the country is doomed. he is out of touch with the 99% of americans, he is so elite is not funny. Ivy league schools all his life, maids, butlers. drivers and jets. the guy who came up with idea for this cartoon in my opinion knows deep within his psyche that romeny appears to be innocent but knows he has had a silver spoon in his mouth all his life and cannot relate to the average joe.

    1. A.F.Branco

      Yeah Like a communist community organizer can relate?? Ha ha ha

    2. KateObviatetheDictoriate

      Romney???? That’s Ron Paul, only a patriot would recognize the symbolic use of substantiated precious metal-backed suckle.

    3. Jack Fitzgerald

      What does that mean?

      Do the maids and drivers upset you when they belong to the Roosevelts, Kennedys and Kerrys? What about Jay Rockefeller – representing West Virginians? Jon Corzine? Herb Kohl? Barbara Boxer? Dianne Feinstein? Mark Warner? Jane Harman? Richard Blumenthal? Frank Lautenberg? Claire McCaskill? Kay Hagan? Michael Bennett? And what about how some of the leftists got money, like John Edwards? And the wavy-haired fellow born in Hungary. Does that matter to you?

      I can tell you that I’m not rich, my obligations exceed my assets, I’m unemployed, do not own a home and my car is over 12 years old. And successful people do not threaten me. I don’t see their success as separating us, but I do find your tone suggests an attitude I’m familiar with but I’m not comfortable with and I don’t understand what you’re afraid of. Would you rather have this guy? Meet Alvin Greene, the Democrat nominee for the United States Senate seat for South Carolina: Look up for instance his proposals to increase employment.

  2. Corkie

    LMAO! Love this toon Tony! It shows what a baby our current Comander in Chief is! LOL! Obama is the Whiner in Chief!
    Excellent toon!

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