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Teachers suffering from paycheck ADHD

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  1. Tome says:

    As a ex-teacher. I have to disagree that the Unions are needed. The reason I quit was could make the same wages without the Union Thugs getting rich off me. What has the Unions done for you? I went in believing I was going to save the world. Before very long could see it was a dead end street. We was not getting better pay! We was not getting better service out of the Unions. I went back to College after years working steel. Big chunk of my wages went to the unions! Quit and went to college to better myself. Came out with my Architect Degree. Was planning on working the Building Trade. Behind a desk instead of working steel.
    I was hired the day I graduated from College to teach. They asked me, not me asking them. I carried a 4.0 average through school. I am not sure if had a reason for the job offer. The first month my bubble burst. The disruption from the students that Father says I have to be here not that I want to. A larger part of my wages went to the Unions.
    I quit and went to work for YMCA. Best ten years of my life. Had a annerism at 60. Forced retirement. I figured to die working for the YMCA. I enjoyed it so much. Almost did die.