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Retirement Programs-Running on Empty

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  1. Ryan’s bill is so patched up with every idea I’ve heard from liberal Republican’s, both Bush’s, and blue dog Democrats that it won’t do any of what he is trying to get people to think it will. Ryan is not as conservative as people might think he is and this piece of crap bill shows it. It kisses Democrat butt with half way measures changing the way Social Security works with all the Bush ideas of personal accounts and all that. I’ll tell you what, when Ryan comes up with a bill that removes all laws that restrict American’s saving all they want instead of putting limits on IRA’s and all that other stupid crap then I might be more agreeable that there would be some way for American’s to save for their own retirement. The whole reason why Socialist Democrats came up with restrictions on IRA’s and other forms of savings accounts was to keep a certain amount of cash in the cash flow. That way when they want one of their Wall Street buddies to give a loan to someone or another country, they’ll be able to come up with the cash without having to borrow it from someone they’d rather not borrow money from. And all kinds of other crap to I don’t want to have to explain. These people are just a bunch of crooks, and Ryan is playing their game.

  2. Congressman Paul Ryan’s plan sucks! I have paid very close attention to these politican’s for enough years to where I’ve learned alot of their language. Whenever a politician says what they are proposing is going to take “ten years”, that means I don’t want to scare any Democrats that this is going to slightly change their laws and put this one on top of theirs and we’re going to try this one for awhile. Anything that does not REMOVE Socialist Fascist Decree’s immediately and Constitutionally replace it with a law that does what is supposed to be the way Freedom and Liberty is supposed to be, isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on and only plays nice with Socialists. Ryan is playing games by Socialist Democrat rules and giving them more than enough time to write their own bill or amendment that does what theirs have always done and that is water down a good conservative bill until it is useless. This is what Ryan’s bill does. It’s gutless.