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6 thoughts on “Rep Joe Walsh: We’ve moved beyond limited government

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  3. Chad

    We had removed ourselves from the event so that our mic wouldn’t pick up the noise in the background. We couldn’t even see it from where we were.

    Joe was speaking early in the program so we were in a big hurry to get everything done. I was so focused on what we’re were doing that didn’t even notice it until I watched the video later on.

    It wasn’t as if we were standing in the middle of an event disrupting things for the people around us. We were working hard on getting a job done and ended up having some unfortunate timing.

  4. fmrsgt

    I should have re-phrased. I get annoyed when people ignore the national anthem. Really annoyed. I guess 10 years in the Army will do that to you. I didn’t intend to question your patriotism, just sensibilities.

    And yes, actually, I have been involved in interviews before. When I was a kid, I would help my dad to lighting and A/V stuff because he was a journalist. Once I even got to meet the Chinese Minister of Agriculture (or whatever his title was, it was 1996, and I was 12 or 13). I know you have to make the best use of your time and EVERYONE wants a shot to talk to the bigwigs. But you seriously couldn’t have waited 45 seconds to observe the national anthem? Really?

  5. Chad


    Do you do a lot these interviews?

    Do you know the circumstances behind this particular interview?

    Unless you can answer ‘yes’ to both of those questions I would hold off on questioning our patriotism.

  6. fmrsgt

    Why are they conducting an interview during the national anthem? Patriotism fail.

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