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2 thoughts on “Radio Host Berates Black Female Caller (pt 4)

  1. radargeek

    “Thay,” are evil. Are thay whites? Yeah, whites have secret meetings to kill minorities. Indeed, I’m late for one now! BTW, this guy is a mysogynist, fool, and factually clueless.

    1. radargeek

      “Budgets? Budgets? We don’t need no stinking budgets!” BHO
      What o’dumbass budget. He hasn’t passed a budget. Ever! Racist Bastered! This us against them argument and “we” got this and that from o’stupid. This guy is a total dilusional loser. I’m glad that girl stood her ground and made him look like a moron. Unfortunately, there are many who buy into this racist crap. The “White Boogyman,” stupids all of them!
      Fight racists from all races!

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