Radio Host Berates Black Female Caller (pt 4)

Part four of one of the worst things I’ve ever heard.


  • “Thay,” are evil. Are thay whites? Yeah, whites have secret meetings to kill minorities. Indeed, I’m late for one now! BTW, this guy is a mysogynist, fool, and factually clueless.

    • “Budgets? Budgets? We don’t need no stinking budgets!” BHO
      What o’dumbass budget. He hasn’t passed a budget. Ever! Racist Bastered! This us against them argument and “we” got this and that from o’stupid. This guy is a total dilusional loser. I’m glad that girl stood her ground and made him look like a moron. Unfortunately, there are many who buy into this racist crap. The “White Boogyman,” stupids all of them!
      Fight racists from all races!