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6 thoughts on “Obama Hosting the Muslim Brotherhood Signals a Dangerous Shift in Foreign Affairs

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  2. WillofLa

    This is an excellent article written by Mr. Becker. It does give us an idea of just how convoluted Obama’s thinking is, and how he is expert at twisting what he says into the way he wants it to be understood by the groups, people he wants to get the message he’s sending to them. They get it, we hear something completely different, and don’t get it. When I say we, I mean the average American listener. We are not skilled or trained like Obama is, and has been all his life, and do not pick up on what he’s really saying unless we know he’s lieing outright like when he says he’s created 4 million job’s since he’s been in office like he did yesterday. He’s obviously lieing about that, or twisting numbers like he does when he talks about the “unemployment rate”.

    1. Kyle Becker Post author

      Appreciate you reading and posting your interesting comments. Cheers, Kyle

  3. WillofLa

    Also to, when Obama attacks the big banks on Wall Street, but is so cozy with them that they contribute millions to his election campaign, and sees to it that Democrats continue to make laws that make them all rich and fixes it so the ordinary person can’t borrow a dime for their small business so they might see a day when they could become “comfortable” with their profits, all this is what is called the Communist style “double speak”. When Obama says the banks are greedy he’s really saying it’s good that they make alot of money in order to do some of the things that no one else could unless they were making themselves wealthy. When he says that we all have struggled and things are hard, but we can see a day when all will live in harmony together, what Obama is really saying is “you ain’t seen nothing yet. Just wait until I make things so much harder that the struggle you all will be in will be staying alive one day to the next. And did I mention you all were going to be in the same boat?”

    When Obama says something supportive it means something, when he doesn’t say anything that also means something, and with help from the Communist Manifesto and Alinsky Rules For Radicals to work from, when he says something that sounds like he doesn’t support someone or something, like job losses, or does support someone or something also means something entirely different as well.

    So, the guy is talking out of every side of his mouth and has somehow created three or four other sides of his mouth that no one else seems to have themselves. You have to be able to keep up with all this double-speak, double-talk, one thing means something and another thing means something else, who can keep up with all this and these different kinds of talk coming from one man.

    I have been saying for some time now that he is using every kind of leftist, Socialist, Communist, Marxist, Lenninist, and Islamic forms of overthrowing this nation than any man who has ever been in office especially in the Presidentcy, and especially the Presidentcy. Roosevelt thought he was double-speaking where he may have sounded benevolent with the “chicken in every pot” noise, but he is nothing compared to Obama telling an audiance “we’ve create 4 million jobs since I’ve been in office” like he did the other day, and then when he invites the most dangerous terrorist organization in the world to the White House for a chat he stands and tells the Jews on one of Jewdism’s most sacrid days of observance “Happy Holidays”???

    What did that mean? I’m stupid, I’m not thinking about anything in particular on this day, Easter means nothing to me because I’m Muslim, I hate Jews, or what?

  4. Grumpy

    Kyle, I wish it’s seeing this before I happened to read an article on Huffington Post yesterday. The article was about why all the Jewish people love Obama and how good he was for Israel.

    I think it meant seeing this first, I would’ve registered with Huffy just to post a four point you brought up in link the comment back to here

    1. Kyle Becker Post author

      Thanks for keeping my work in mind. Best, Kyle

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