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President Obama Did Bin Laden a Huge Favor

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  1. I do not believe that obama gave the ok to kill Osama; he’d been dead for quite some time according to Benazir Bhutto, who stated that he died long time ago. The interview took place in 2007.

    Also, the Pentagon has no records of OBL being killed. Shortly after obama took his victory lap; 23 Seals of Team 6 were killed, all being cramped into one chopper. That is not SOP.

    Having msulkim brotherhood working in the admin, how convenient for the taliban to know where, when and how our Seals were to take off during the night in a chopper?

    Dead men don’t tell tales!

    I do not believe anything coming from this admin; he needed to get the BC issue of the front page news and, this false flag was the way to do it!