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The First Amendment and Atheists

It seems that Obama isn’t the only one in desperate need of a refresher course on the Constitution. Those wacky folks over at the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) are at it again. Now they want to remove yet another war memorial because it happens to have a cross on it.

Atheist Tombstone

Ryan Somma (CC)

The monument isn’t unconstitutional, folks. Congress didn’t make a law about it, or if it did, it was merely a recognition of its existence. The existence of the cross does not carry any legal power, and does not say that the Federal Government is going to enforce any laws based on the Christian faith. It is a memorial, and I’d wager that the soldiers it memorializes are all Christian. If they aren’t, then maybe the members of the other faiths that were excluded from the memorial have a case for having their symbols added to it.

The Constitution protects the rights of citizens to observe the faith of their choosing. While Thomas Jefferson did say something about people worshiping or not worshiping any number of gods, the First Amendment only prevents the Federal Government from becoming a theocratic body, or making any law that abridges the observation of any faith. That’s why we call it “Freedom of Religion”, by the way. Now, here’s a newsflash for the folks over at FFRF: Atheism is not a religion, period. If one is atheist, one does not believe there are any deities, and therefore does not observe any religion either. So, if the folks over at FFRF are offended by monuments to deities that they supposedly don’t believe in anyway, perhaps they don’t need to running about filing lawsuits about their discomfort. They need to be letting their fingers do the walking, and find themselves some good psychiatrists to help them with their obvious mental problems!

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Israel Independence Day – To be a Free People in Our Land

Last week we commemorated Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day. We remember the 6 million Jews that were murdered by the Nazis, 1.5 million of those being children, simply because they were Jewish.

Today we commemorate Yom HaZikaron, The Day of Remembrance – remembering the thousands who fell defending the State of Israel and those who were murdered in terrorist attacks, simply because they were Jewish.

The day immediately following Yom HaZikaron is Yom Ha’atzmaut, Israel Independence Day. A day of celebration – but one that has been tempered by the previous one, and Holocaust Remembrance Day the week before.

We Jews have a long memory. During the summertime, there is the fast day of Tisha B’av, the day that brings to mind the destruction of both Holy Temples in Jerusalem as well as the many tragedies over the past 3000 years that we have survived only by holding tight to our faith in G-d.

This faith in G-d is what has sustained us over the thousands of years since it was certainly not faith in mankind. Every country that we were loyal citizens of forcibly exiled us, leaving us to wander the face of the earth.

The Holocaust, with the destruction of a third of the Jewish People, was the final proof that the world is uninterested (at best) in the security and safety of our people. Even the United States, turned it’s back on those refugees trying to enter, forcing them back to Germany, back to their certain deaths. Because of those events, Jews no longer expect or even hope for world “interest”. In fact, considering the anti-Jewish/anti-Israel sentiment at the United Nations, we would prefer “disinterest” on their part.

Many cannot understand the Jewish “hang-up” about the Holocaust, why is it not better to forgive and forget. It is clear that their trust has not been shaken by false promises and generations of loyalty shoved back in their faces.

The State of Israel is our safe haven. We no longer have to trust that the world has Jewish interests at heart – when we know they don’t. It hurts to think that there was no one on the world stage who stepped up to save those 6 million Jews, and that there wasn’t a Jewish state that those Jews could flee to. But it’s different now. 64 years later we celebrate and thank G-d for our homeland. We can take care of ourselves – to be a free people in our Land, The Land of Israel.

Yom Ha’atzmaut, Israel Independence Day, is a day that every Jew has paid dearly for in blood. We know that, unfortunately, when push comes to shove, there is nobody out there who “has our back”. Talk is cheap. Jewish blood shouldn’t be.

The Walls That Divide Us

It is a given in Western society that we should want to break down the barriers that divide us. Compassion, understanding, empathy – who could possibly be against those things?

And we are not only Americans. We are also people, a part of common humanity, citizens of the world. Those things that make us individuals – our ethnic heritage, our skin color, our gender identity – they make us unique, but equally diverse.

We have to unite if we are going to overcome our differences. We must set aside our petty, greedy, selfish nature if we are going to make a better world.


Wrong. This is an extremely dangerous mindset and one that fosters the drive for the totalitarian state. The essential problem lies in the inability of the “compassionate” left to discriminate between immoral and moral means. When collectivist aims and coercive means mix, the result is volatile and often explosive.

Many who feel alienated by society, and not just capitalist society but any society, are driven out of loneliness and feelings of insignificance to support collectivist political causes. They may be motivated out of “love for humanity,” and feel themselves to be “helping the world.” But their desires to use any means possible to “change the world” for the better are just misguided.

Government is a poor and even disastrous channel for such sappy sentiments.

When fundamentally compassionate but irrational people meet resistance from conservatives, those humbugs who support the divisive and selfish ideology of individualism, they may at first feel baffled, and then outraged.

Who could possibly be against helping the poor? Why would anyone want to take away benefits from the elderly? That’s just plain evil.

But there is a fundamental disconnect in the leftists’ logic. They never see themselves as harming others or the society as a whole with their policies.

People need to be helped, and if society won’t help them, government must!

There was a period in human history, before The Enlightenment, when emotion and arbitrary government ruled the day. It was called the Dark Ages, and it was named as such for a reason.

No barriers existed between most people. Superstition and mutual suspicion of outsiders or eccentric individuals was rampant. The king could generally do whatever he wanted to any individual – seize his property, silence him, or even kill him – without political consequences.

The people were united, and holy wars were rampant. Fervor bled over into violence, often in the name of helping others through religious conversion. This was not just in the Christian world, but throughout all of Eurasia.

There were few real boundaries on what could be done to a person not of the right lineage. Of course, there were divisions between the nobles and the peasantry, and between principalities. But the majority of mankind was an indistinguishable mass.

This was not a world of freedom.

The key reason men were not free was because they were not secure in their person, or in the fruits of their labor. While religious fanaticism kept society closely restrained, the nobility were politically at license to directly confiscate all but a modicum of subsistence from the peasants.

Capitalism changed all that.

When the castles crumbled around Europe, as peasants were able to depart from the protection of their paternalistic caretakers, initially serving the tastes of rich, but then forming small enterprises – trading freely, laboring as they were able – that was when the walls dividing the entrenched nobility and permanent underclass began to crumble and freedom began to first blossom.

The institutions of private property, capital, and the rule of law were able to provide the basic order needed for human beings to flourish. And flourish they did.

Without individual security, and the ability for the individual to provide for himself, there could be no freedom. Once all were understood to be protected equally, people could devote themselves fully to working and improving themselves. They had to respond to the needs and wants of others, or fail to provide for themselves.

That was the beauty of market individualism – it was inextricably tied to others’ desires, and though it did not allow coercive parasitism, it did not rule out voluntary charity either.

Capitalism is not only a functional, but an eminently moral system. And it works.

Some people became rich, and all classes rose in living standards. Only a minor fraction of the public exemplified personal tragedy – unable to work and provide for themselves, and unable to find voluntary help.

Such anomalies were intolerable for those who saw equality as sacrosanct, and desired a perpetually humane utopia. And paradoxically, they were willing to put power in the hands of the few in order to achieve it. That was literally a fatal mistake.

Karl Marx came along and struck a cord with such visionaries, promising a world to his followers where all men worked voluntarily and shared the fruits of labor equally. A classless society where no boundaries between people existed.

Only Marx wasn’t even able to describe this perfect society or how it would work in practice, except in the most glossy and glancing terms. Not only will you not find such a relation in his works, but Marxian experts are simply baffled by the question of what would happen after capitalism were to be destroyed.

Planning is inherently reactionary, you see.

For many, Marxism has become a religion in a world where god is presumed dead; a vision of a perfect world without boundaries to divide us. But for those who know history and can imagine how such a world would work in practice, such a place is an intolerable nightmare – a world of stifling conformity, individual disposability, and unlimited state power.

Kind of like the direction America is heading in now.

Award-Winning Anti-War Activist Urges Nation to Support Obama’s War for Peace

Acceptance speech given by Susan Wilson, spokeswoman for Code Pink and head of Anti-War Activists for Obama, in reception of the Distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award at the Thirty-Fifth Annual Conference to End War Now, located at the San Francisco retreat for anti-war activists.

Fellow activists! We have gathered here together on this revolutionary anniversary of our founding to push for change — real change — of the way that we imperialist aggressor Americans interact with the rest of the world. It is not enough that we live in the richest, most powerful, and therefore, the most unjust country on the planet, but must we invade poor, defenseless brown-skinned peoples all over the planet in a never-ending quarrel for oil? Can I get an Amen?

For seven insufferably long years, you and I, sisters and brothers, fought the Bush administration tooth-and-nail to prevent another war in the Middle East. For seven painfully long years, we manned and womanned the frontlines in a radical quest to remake the world into one without war. For seven grueling, hard-fought years we engaged in ruthless combat against the Bush administration’s needless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Patriot Act, the warrantless wiretapping, Gitmo, drone bombings in Pakistan, extraordinary rendition… and we finally achieved victory with the coming of our president and savior, Barack Hussein Obama.

It worried me greatly when President Obama was elected that we would rest on our laurels, believing our work to be done. Sensing the complacency in the radical community that we were all activized out, a temptation to let up pervaded the anti-war wing of the Democrat Party. But I come here today not simply to receive this award, but to issue forth a clarion call: war is once again looming on the horizon. I speak to you now of… the Zionists.

Yes, we all despise these greedy, capitalist moneychangers and the pretentious way they set up a little state in the middle of a sandy desert, building a flourishing so-called democracy (not a real socialist democracy, mind you!), seemingly flourishing — but only due to the help of the evil, imperialist United States! (No, no don’t you boo me! Security, throw that gentleman out!)

Where was I? Now we see the Zionists are plotting an invasion of Iran, which is guilty of what? Wanting to run a peaceful nuclear energy program? I say no! The real reason is that the Jews want to take over and Occupy Iran! Why else would they seek to wage war with the civil and peace-loving Muslims in the region? No, the only way that there will be real lasting peace in the Middle East is if we invade and erase Israel from the map.

When I was on the flotilla with Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dohrn, wonderful patriots that they are, reciting by heart the words to Barack Obama’s greatest speeches for inspiration, we were reminded of the plight of our Palestinian brethren. This oppressed lot once possessed a vibrant, successful civilization in the heart of the Middle East. That was before the damned Jews, and their British taskmasters, ran them off of their own lands. For those who don’t know about the Jewish plot to take over, it’s all in the Protocol of the Elders of Zion for those interested in the authentic historical truth.

So I was talking with the distinguished professor Bill Ayers, and his days spent thanklessly launching the political career of our current president, and we happened upon the subject of the lies that the American government tells the sheeple to keep them placated and disinformed. Like the lie that hundreds of thousands of South Vietnamese were made refugees after the U.S. pulled out of Vietnam. Or that millions were slaughtered in the killing fields of Cambodia nearby. Lies! Or that tens of millions starved to death under the beautiful visionary Chairman Mao in his Great Leap Forward. More lies!

We all know the real atrocities are committed by the murdering, bloodthirsty capitalist machine and the one percenters who rule over it. What with their ‘materialist culture’ — consume, consume, consume! they tell us — it all makes me sick. If I see one more shopping mall, I might go postal on somebody’s… (laughter)

But why should we luxuriate in our own excess, like pigs rolling around in our own shit, while millions of helpless people around the world starve? Like greedy parasites, it’s all about consume, extract, accumulate, execrate — where’s the social justice in that? Where is our equality, the shining glorious day of a socialist world where everyone is perpetually equal, and no one goes without? A wonderful vision, I dare anyone to tell me contrary.

What will our future be at the current rate? Nuclear weapons at the ready, guns at our sides, ready to kill one another over the table scraps of the world? We will only be safe, our children will only be safe, when we rid the world of nuclear weapons. And then, we will only get along once all humanity’s divisions merge together into one… no nations, no races, no sexes… and sadly, that means we must smash the old system. We must literally war against differences until everything is equal, separate but equal.

But the capitalist pigs who run this country won’t let that happen. Why can’t we just be friends with the Muslim world? Why can’t we just reset things with Russia? Why shouldn’t we just welcome North Korea with open arms, and put their fears to rest? If they are starving, feed them. If they are cold, clothe them. Any Christian, if there be any out there, can easily see that this is the way forward towards a brighter world. But we cannot wait on God any longer.

Without us, my compatriots, the world is doomed. With malicious, bloody men like George W. Bush and Dick Cheney around, we always have to be vigilant. Those two should be tried in The Hague! (Applause.) What they did to Saddam Hussein, effectively executing the poor, haggard man without a trial should make them eligible for the death penalty! (Shouts and applause.) And now we are going to be in Afghanistan fighting the Taliban until 2040! When will this madness stop?

But fortuitously, we finally have a man in the White House who understands our plight, who is making progress towards a world without nuclear weapons, even if that means voluntarily disarming as a sign of good faith, but who is also a wonderful commander-in-chief that isn’t a total wuss! Surely, ridding the world of such bad actors as Moammar Qaddafi and Usama bin Laden is worthy of our praise. We are talking about two mass murderers, and being rid of them, just like being legally rid of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, would no doubt be a good thing. And Haliburton! I could go on about that den of thieves for hours.

Courageous fellow activists, leaders of this crusade for peace heading into the dim future, I want to show you my appreciation for standing with me throughout all the years. From the end of Vietnam, through Iran-Contra, and both wars in Iraq… all the way to today. We are united in our hatred of war, and if we want to make a real change, we will re-elect Barack Hussein Obama. The man has been waging a war for peace in the Middle East for over three years now, and he looks to do so for the foreseeable future. He will eventually bring solace to a war-torn, blood-soaked planet. Thank you for your vote.

[Listen to the author read and comment on this piece.]

Author’s note: The above is satire. It is a fictionalized account intended to elucidate certain ideas and principles by taking them to absurd lengths. It is not intended to be taken literally.

Kyle Becker blogs at RogueGovernment, and can be followed on Twitter as @RogueOperator1. He writes freelance for several publications, including American Thinker and OwntheNarrative, and is a regular commentator on the late night talk show TB-TV.

Billionaire Memo Exposes Corporatist Plans

Billionaire philanthropist Maurice Grubbins VI, sole proprietor of Radical Industries, writes a confidential memorandum to Mortimer Fairchild II, controlling shareholder of the First People’s Democratic Bank of America. Memorandum discovered per Freedom of Information Act request.

Dear Mortimer Fairchild:

I grow weary of the market system, Mortimer, to be quite honest with you. We have exceeded the bounds of wealth’s ability to bring happiness to these bitter old souls and have finally reached the point of diminishing returns. We have bribed politicians with embarrassing impunity, rained down millions of regulations upon our adversaries to keep them mired in minutiae, and have held down the lid on the bubbling cauldron of public opinion by summoning all our vast corporate media necromancy.

(The fact that corporations espouse a decidedly left-wing bent seems to have escaped our dear friends the leftists. If only the fogheaded flapperdoodles knew that they unwittingly abet our eventual domination! Be sure to never let that delicious plum escape you.)

But it is under the most perplexing of circumstances that I write to you. The other day I was hovering above my estate in my helichair, sipping a glass of Chateau d’if 1871, desperately trying to distract myself from the palsy that so wracks my legs, pondering the fate of the nation. Let there be no doubt the America we have both come to know and love is under attack by a rabble of so-called “patriots,” more aptly, terrorist extremists, who seek to overturn the comfortable arrangement that you and I, our fathers, their fathers, and their father’s fathers put into place to keep our position in society as lucrative and as secure from public and economic pressure as conceivably possible. Not since the Haymarket affair has our position in the economy been so precarious. But fortunately for us, Sherman was passed with flying colors not too long afterwards.

And no, I don’t mean that we are being threatened by the Occupy Movement, bless your withered soul. Our beloved head of the Federal Reserve and the corporate-backed president rightfully point out that these wild-eyed, yippy lapdogs for the establishment are but quite hilarious means to an end unbeknownst to them: dancing poodles dressed up as court jesters to regale our presumed adversaries as conditions dictate and just as quickly devoured when their activities become… unsavory.

Rather, I mean we are still under an invisible siege by the tea party, a sordid collection of rednecks, would-be individualists, and various undesirables who comprise a far-flung movement that once seemed to be dead, but is more accurately nowhere and everywhere at once. It is with a certain sense of dread that I am pressed to discuss this despicable threat to the status quo.

Whining imperiously about the “American Dream,” these radical ne’erdowells cry empty phrases about “liberty” and “free enterprise” without the slightest idea about the social responsibility that one has running a modern economy! Why, if we allow these upstart ragamuffins to get their way, the entire gamut of pecuniary privileges that pave the way for our nation’s enduring success could be overturned! Heaven forbid the Koch Brothers get their way, those black sheep of the billionaire family. We must disinvite them from Davos, remind Muffy next time you see her.

Meanwhile, the radical statists who merely cry out for more state handouts and goodies are oh-so-easily placated. The fools are easily bought with their own money, and just as easily disposed of should our statist utopia be realized. Spending long careers in academia and without families to care for, they are perfectly malicious and equally gullible. More ideally suited pawns in our long march through the institutions of the country could not be asked for. (One might be forgiven for indulging in a bit of braggadocio.)

The tea party rapscallions are a bit more clear-eyed and commonsensical in this regard: they see how diminishing private property rights hurts our opponents and not us. The Democrats may come after us for taxes, but these are a pittance after we have finished rigging the system and tallying up our particular exemptions. Why, I just proposed a “Grubbins Rule” on taxes that not even the millionaire president of the United States would qualify for!  Notwithstanding the paltry sum of money that a million dollars is nowadays, what with our Zimbabwe-inspired monetary policy.

Regardless, my dear Mortimer, the tax code is a billionaire’s paradise; there is no shortage of lawyers who can hide our money in trusts and “non-profits,” and those which pursue our “radical” agenda, no less, to add to the comical charge that we are averse to the leftist program. Just the other day I cut sizable checks to Media Matters for America and Organizing for America, the dunces that run those establishments included. If the pseudo-intellectuals on the left only knew that their supposed radicalism meant a sure return to state-managed serfdom! Thank the heavens history is not their strong suit.

There is a long-standing gag that there is no limit to what we may demand of anyone under the guise of the “public good.” Why, we could claim that the entire nation should become slaves to the state for the public good! Why, who is the individual to object? I laugh every time I hear a fresh young lily right out of law school or a supposedly liberal pundit make the claim that something or another must be done to serve the “public interest.” I literally wet myself on one such occasion and my nurse Lu Ann needed to change my Depends! (I believe it was my favorite channel MSNBC and that stone fox Andrea Mitchell was reporting, if memory serves.)

The point of communicating these rudimentary observations is that this Internet thing has caught on quite beyond our wildest dreams and is displaying an embarrassing model of alternative expression and economic enterprise — both of which cut a little too close to the bone for my liking. What if people began to realize that intelligent people police themselves, and that responsibility engenders intelligence? What if they began to realize, dear Mortimer, that they do not need us, after all? Why, it harrows my heart to contemplate it.

The time is coming to cash in our chips and go for broke. Free expression is becoming a bane upon our progressive program, which is now over a century in painstaking development. Trading cash for control is certainly a desirable maneuver when our scheme is becoming exposed in all its wonderful grotesquery. An alliance with the radicals is definitely to be sought.

And while some may argue that we would be buying the rope with which we are to be hung, these simpletons do not realize that we already bought off the executioner. That is why in practice there is no such thing as socialism, only fascism. A government must necessarily be comprised of human beings, after all, with all their glorious vulnerabilities. We are three steps ahead of the left, as usual; but these tea party troublemakers see most clearly the perversity of the statist enterprise, which is the well-spring of our power. This bullheaded vanguard of liberty is the greatest threat.

Rest assured we shall have our oligarchy, by hook or by crook.

Sincerely, Maurice Grubbins VI

[Listen to the author read and comment on this piece.]

Author’s note: The above is satire. It is a fictionalized account intended to elucidate certain ideas and principles by taking them to absurd lengths. It is not intended to be taken literally.

Kyle Becker blogs at RogueGovernment, and can be followed on Twitter as @RogueOperator1. He writes freelance for several publications, including American Thinker and OwntheNarrative, and is a regular commentator on the late night talk show TB-TV.



Trayvon Martin died by a single gun-shot

The Reverend said  his race mattered a lot

Though before the story could unfold

The Reverend couldn’t place his judgment on hold


The Reverend publicly condemned a man

While the Black Panthers flamed the fan

President Obama also could not resist

Placing the Reverend on the White House Guest List


The Reverend always bets on black

As his chips continue to stack

The Reverend arrived at the White House in style

Chatting with Attorney General, Eric Holder, all the while


Event of chaos and anger planned from afar

As the Reverend arrives in Sanford as the media star

Racism as Original Sin

Where today’s accusation alone is a win


“Innocent until proven guilty” doesn’t exist

In the new land of entitlements and raised fists

Another Reverend arrived late the other day

Competing to stir the crowd without further delay


Yet the Prosecutor says she’s not swayed

While allowing the rule of evidence and objectivity to fade

Stoically she announced: “Murder in the Second Degree”

As the street Reverend returned to MSNBC












Retirement Programs-Running on Empty

Government trustees report this week reveal that Social Security and Medicare will run out of money sooner than expected. Medicare is looking at a shortage beginning 2024 but Social Security for Disabled (SSI) will be out of funds just around the corner in 2016. All agree that by 2030 there will only be enough money to cover 75% of the need.

The closer Baby Boomers get to retirement age the more worrisome these gloom and doom headlines become. For the most part we pay into these retirement programs with the expectation they will be there to supplement our future needs. We should be taking note. Something has to be done. And now.

Last year Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI) presented a plan to reduce the debt and continue retirement programs well into the future. You recall, he was greeted with a barrage of criticism from the left and seniors were given the impression that they would suffer severely. (Remember, throw Granny off a cliff?) Nothing ended up being done by Congress last year except to further kick the can down the road. This year Ryan again has presented a budget and appears better prepared to argue his plan.

Many will argue that this “Path to Prosperity: Saving Medicare” has faults. Many will argue that there are other solutions. Others assure us that removing the FICA cap (which would be a cost increase for those making over $106,800) should be a large part of the solution.  There are questions how moving funding from federal to state governments will affect low income Medicaid recipients. Additionally, there is discussion whether the new Affordable Health Care law is funded in part through cuts to the Medicare budget.

All the above are good questions. The type that should be debated and compromised on in open meetings in Congress. And yet… there is no plan from the Obama administration. In fact, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner reacted to the funding shortfall, not by offering an answer or compromise, but instead to further criticizing the Ryan Plan. As a reminder, it is over three years since the Democratic controlled Senate has even produced a budget.

There appears no attempt to find a resolution. It’s hard not to agree with Stuart Varney on this issue.  The government says: We don’t like your plan. We don’t have a plan but we know we don’t like yours. Is it any wonder people are looking for a change in administration?

Is Obama A Descendant Of Robin Hood?

I recently read a story, which truly proves how the liberal mind thinks. What amazes me is that they see nothing wrong in how they think. This is a true story taken out of the New York Post.
It seems there was a woman, who would take her child to one of the local parks in Brooklyn. As her child would play with the other children, the ice cream truck would come around, and naturally, all the children would run to their parents for money so they could buy a tasty treat, that millions of kids enjoyed over the years. This woman did not want her child to have ice cream; it was not healthy enough, which is her right to do as a parent. Now here is where I go bonkers.
Because the woman cannot handle her child’s crying and tantrums every time the child is told no, she is trying to have the ice cream truck banned from the park altogether. It does not matter about the other 15 or 20 kids that look forward to having those treats, because she cannot control her child, all the other children must suffer. She says the other children will be better off without the ice cream any way. Their parents should be giving their children healthier snacks for their own good. So she knows best.

That is the mindset of your typical liberal. The one liberal, knows what is best for all; everyone else is just too stupid to know what is best for them. This is only one story, I am sure if you looked, you can find a story like this every day of the week. There is definitely no shortage of liberals in this country. The problem is, they cannot help themselves, it is in their blood. Just look at how they want to control what we eat, what we drink, what we drive and pretty much everything else we do in life. The Constitution guaranties us the pursuit of happiness, nowhere does it guaranty us happiness, only the pursuit of. Liberals want to guaranty everyone happiness, only thing, it is what their idea of happiness is.

I’ll tell you, from my observation, liberals do not come across as happy people anyway. They are always bitching, moaning and complaining about one thing or another. They always seem to want to attack someone who is happy. However, you see that person has no right to be happy, because of two reasons:

1. There are other people who are not happy. So you have no right to be happy, if others are not.
2. You are happy for the wrong reason, it is not the liberal’s idea of being happy, and therefore you cannot be happy.

You see in the liberal world all things have to be the same for all people, there must be no individual success, if there are people who are not successful. That is a crime against humanity. It seems to me that the very first liberal the world has ever known was Robin Hood. His motto was “take from the rich and give to the poor.” Wait, I think I saw that motto somewhere else, that’s right it is on all Obama’s speeches. Here is a crazy thought; do you think Obama is a descendant of Robin Hood? It sure does appear that way.

This is one man’s opinion.

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