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Green Energy Company CEOs Gets Raises, Where Is Obama Outrage?

When President Barack Hussein Obama ran for president in 2008, he promised to create a minimum of five million new green related jobs. When elected, Obama pursued his green energy dream by having the Department of Energy (DOE) subsidize and/or provide loans and loan guarantees to green energy companies. Those subsidies and loans have totaled billions of taxpayer dollars. Yet the green energy companies, despite DOE assistance, continue to go bankrupt and/or cut back.

Facing financial challenges, we would expect the green energy companies to be reducing in every way possible, but that is not necessarily the case. It seems that some of the green energy companies are paying top executives higher salaries plus giving them bonuses.

ECOtality is one of those struggling green companies that took $141 million from the DOE. Even though they reported a 2011 loss of $22.5 million, they gave the CEO a 50% raise in pay.

First Solar has received around $1.5 billion in DOE stimulus backed loans. First Solar just announced a fourth-quarter loss of $413.1 million, that it closed plants in Germany and Malaysia, and is laying off 2,000 employees. Yet First Solar’s CEO, Mike Ahearn, earned $32 million in salary and bonuses.

A123 Systems, a battery manufacturer that supplied (among others) Fisker Automotive, announced that it will replace all the defective batteries it shipped at a cost of $55 million. A123 Systems got a $249 million grant from DOE. The top four A123 executives all received an average of a 20% increase in their base salary and several of them have seen additional increases in 2012.

Obama’s silence on the salary increases and bonuses of these green energy companies speaks loudly. He feigned outrage when he learned of AIG’s top executive bonuses, saying, “How do they justify this outrage to the taxpayers who are keeping the company afloat?” But when it comes to the green energy industry, we never hear any criticism from Obama. Can anyone say “double standard?”

Is it fair to say that these are examples of our tax dollars at work?

But that’s just my opinion.

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Political Spin in the Classroom- How it’s Hurting America

Benjamin Franklin once said “The good education of youth has been esteemed by wise men in all ages, as the surest foundation of the happiness both of private families and of common-wealths,”

He and the rest of the Founders recognized that the continuation of liberty is in the hands of an educated electorate. When the people are uninformed, they can be manipulated and enslaved- case in point- the feudalist system in the Middle Ages.

So, if the education of the public, and particularly young people, is crucial in a free society, the role of the teacher is perhaps one of the most important. They influence the individual at a crucial age- when they are discovering the world and learning to think for themselves. By opening the young mind to the wonders of society and humanity, a good professor can inspire passion in a student to succeed and change the world. And that is a truly beautiful thing.

But what happens when the teacher misuses their position? What happens when the teacher uses their position to push a private agenda, poisoning the student’s mind through malicious lies?

Given the trust and importance placed in public educators, is this duplicity not a betrayal of the free society they are supposed to be preserving?

I have spent many lectures fighting back tears of anger as my professors malign everything I believe in, mocking the conservative way of thinking, lying about the goals of an opposing party, snickering at anyone who has the guts to stand up and try to defend what they believe in. Can there be anything more despicable than a professor who uses their position to put down young people who are just learning to stand up for themselves? Yes, freedom of speech is crucial to public dialogue, and teachers have a right to their opinion, but do those opinions have a place in the classroom, especially when they are used it to be divisive and to bully?

And what about the lies? How many students take what their teachers say at face value, as they should be able to, and live in the manufactured reality of political spin? Shouldn’t we be able to place trust in our educators? Is it any wonder then, when the classroom is used as a propaganda platform, that the right wing is so unabashedly maligned in the public dialogue?

And perhaps the most crucial question, what does this mean for the future of our country? When students are lied to, taught not to think for themselves, and believe in the absolute evil of a certain way of thinking, how can a free society survive? This is where education becomes a national security issue. This is what the Founders warned about. The teacher has the power to shape the destiny of the next generation. And when they use their position to indoctrinate rather than promote critical thought, teach them to be guided by the opinions of others- that is when the next generation becomes slaves to the government, rather than the masters of it.

In Deep with Michelle Ray – April 26

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Tonight: Author and contributor Katie Pavlich and contributor Mary Chastain talk Fast and Furious and the media.


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Has Florida Prosecutor Ensured Zimmerman Acquittal?

The host of NPR’s Tell Me No More – Michael Martin – interviewed Sybrina Fulton (mother of victim Trayvon Martin) on April 26. In the extensive interview, Ms.Fulton said she “can wait a year for justice” and that she feels the case is “moving in the right direction”. 

Click here to read more of the NPR interview with Sybrina Fulton.

Zimmerman has been released on bail and is awaiting trial on second degree murder. With no lesser charges of manslaughter included, I fear Ms.Fulton may never see the type of justice she is waiting on. Florida special prosecutor Angela Corey bowed to pressure from media and activist groups by refusing to include any weaker charges that might be easier on which to convict Zimmerman. By only allowing for second degree murder, Corey has now burdened the state with making their case for intentional murder beyond a shadow of a doubt. As we’ve see with the delay in Zimmerman’s arrest, a Stand Your Ground Law, and questions about Zimmerman’s injuries there already seems to be a plethora of evidence to at least suggest that Zimmerman’s actions were not intentional or cold-blooded. Even legal expert Alan Dershowitz has serious doubts about the success of that charge. “If there are riots, it will be the prosecutor’s fault because she overcharged, raised expectations,” Dershowitz said. “This prosecutor not only may have suborned perjury, she may be responsible, if there are going to be riots here, for raising expectations to unreasonable levels.” 

Oh, did I mention it was an election year for Ms.Corey?

Read more:

As a mother I share Ms.Fulton’s sadness and desperation. I certainly don’t blame her for wanting Zimmerman to pay for the death of her son. I do, however blame special prosecutor Corey, Al Sharpton and an irresponsible media complex for clouding the facts of this case to the point that Martin’s family may never see real, true justice.  I hope a judge and/or jury will be more impartial than the goons at NBC, for Zimmerman’s sake and the sake of the Martin family. However, I’m with Dershowitz on this one – if there are riots after Zimmerman is acquitted of second degree, Corey should hire her own lawyer.

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Family Values

Have you ever had a tempting offer that seemed too good to be true? One example that comes to mind would be the work at home ads that promise you will make $10,000 the first month and as much as you want after that. The old saying “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” is an axiom of truth.

After hearing one of these ads on radio, I reflected back on an offer from a few years back that could have been a lucrative deal, if only those pesky Christian values had not gotten in the way. The casting producer for a show on ABC contacted me about being on their program. She said it was a hit show on ABC’s Disney family hour. Since I do not watch much TV, and never watch regular network programming, I had never heard of the show. The casting producer was looking for an illusionist and his family, and came across my web site (I still perform several ministry illusion shows each year). The filming would have taken a couple of weeks of my life, and though I have no experience as a film actor, I have 17 years’ experience in live entertainment, have dabbled as a contributor in screen writing and at one time produced and directed a weekly radio program. The appearance on this program would have paid $20,000.00. I admit, this amount caused me to raise an eyebrow, but if my family and I had appeared on the program, it would have been the end of my ministry. The potential to corrupt my children was assured because of the nature and content of the show. Though I had never watched the program, the show’s name was enough to turn me off. I declined and soon found out how corrupt it was. To this day, I still have not watched an episode of the show and do not plan on it.

The offer came soon after asking God for some extra income for a specific need. AND it was on ABC’s DISNEY FAMILY hour. I had been told by the casting director it was a family show. Surely, this was God answering prayer. However, I learned long ago that the world doesn’t have a clue, when it comes to real family values. I rented a cartoon film from a video store when my daughter was young, and asked the clerk about the film. She assured me it was a clean, child friendly, wonderful animation. Five minutes into the film, curse words began. I turned it off, took the film back, and with charity, told the employee the film was not a children’s film. Just because a show is centered on a family or families, does not mean it is fit for family consumption. After checking into the situation, it appeared they wanted a Christian family, but I suspected it was for the opportunity to mock Christianity and challenge real family values. Even though I was encouraged by some to consider it, it was never a possibility from the beginning.

The importance of a stable, Godly family cannot be overstated. No single institution has been attacked as vehemently and viciously as the family has been attacked. The emasculation of the male, blurring of the roles of the sexes, and laxation of the discipline of children, have all weakened the family in the last 50 years. Family values begin with placing value on God as the foundation of the family, led by the Father and supported by the Mother. Discipline and standards motivated by love, will establish the children in habits, manners and a Christian world view philosophy that glorifies God, strengthens churches and produces good citizens. Parents have only one shot with their children. That’s why it’s so important to guard them from that which would steal their innocence and purity and establish and enforce real family values.

Joseph Harris, [email protected] has been a college professor and pastor since 1987 and his writings have appeared on WND, Sword of the Lord, Intellectual Conservative, Conservative Daily News, Canada Free Press, Land of the Free, and The Post Chronicle.

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