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Obama’s Third Bill of Rights

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  1. Obama made those speeches at Harvard in his Constitution classes as an example of the opposition he has against our way of life here in America, and how unfair it is towards anyone who can’t do what everyone else is capable of doing for themselves. We don’t see things that way, we believe in what freedoms we’re guaranteed and take them as a unspoken right and priveledge at the same time. Because freedoms must be one or the other, each one has a certain degree of responsibility in order for whatever you want to do under one or the other can come to fruition.

    People like Obama don’t want there to be anyone who will oppose him or his ideology. Obama’s co-spiritor Eric Holder is a criminal who is a Communist just like Obama. Both of these men should be in prison right now if we had a law enforcement authority that was worth a crap, and don’t give me this business that there are good cops everywhere. Really?? I doubt that. Every cop lives for that damn pension. There isn’t a single one who looks to seeing to it that America is free, legal as in the rallies held out in Arizona with illegals demonstrating in the streets against our immigration laws, angered me so bad that I wrote the Chief of Police in Los Angeles County (LA)city and chewed him out for being a criminal for not enforcing the law, a criminal for breaking the law for not arresting illegals when he knew the Mexican’s were right out in the open, and a criminal for doing what Bush told him to do when he knew it was against the law. And now we have Janet Napolitano who stands with Dick Durbin in his office presenting illegals as the first under the Dream Act (that was killed in Congress), but ignored by the Socialist Democrats who refuse to accept that we the people will not allow Communism to come about as our form of government as long as we live an breath, and they announce that THEY are giving them freedom to be citizens because they haven’t committed any crimes. Well that’s a lie because they are here illegally aren’t they? That makes them very bad criminals who’ve violated our immigration laws, violated our nations sovereignty and violated the laws of the states they crossed the border with.

    How much more could our country be out of control?