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3 thoughts on “Obama Threatens Supreme Court, Shows Incomprehension of Federalism

  1. Ron Chambers


  2. WillofLa

    No, Obama is just showing us who he really is, and he’s doing it with impunity because he knows no one of consequence will actually do anything to him. You know it must be nice to know that you can commit the most extreme crimes in the land and right in front of everyone and you won’t get into any trouble whatsoever. But he’s doing and saying whatever he wants to, to whoever he wants to because he knows no one will do anything to stop him, critisize him, correct him, or repremand him, arrest him for treason like he needs to be, or embarrass him in front of the President of Mexico, or anything else.

    He has gotten away with so many crimes that he would have to serve four lifetimes to serve all the time from all the different charges. I say he needs to be forced by law to show all his records, send military with him who won’t take any crap or double talk from him, no tricks because I would send the Congressman and his staff, the other former lawmakers who’ve charged him with the military just to make sure that they aren’t getting fakes again like he did his birth certificate for Trump, and then charge him with Treason, but since it will be shown he’s a illegal alien, I want him deported to Kenya where he belongs. Make sure he or his wife steal anything from the White House like the Clinton’s did, and send him back to Kenya, have his wifes citizenship revoked, and deport her to Kenya, and the same for the two girls! Just humiliate the absolute hell out of him and tell him that none in his family are ever allowed into the United States for the rest of their lives, I don’t care where their kids want to go to college, like his old Al Mamatta(?)(I don’t know and don’t care), Harvard! He thinks he has connections there, but the only people who are there he knows are all Communists!!

    And that’s who he is showing us who he is in this affair!! For all of you who can’t see it, He’s A Communist Dictator!!

  3. CreepyPolitics

    Obama’s idea of separation of powers: The Exec branch is different, in that the Legislative + the Judicial branches CAN be kicked in the nuts.

    Also, article says Obama swore to uphold + defend the Constitution. I don’t remember seeing that — oh, that’s right — now I remember, the actual swearing in TOOK PLACE BEHIND CLOSED DOORS — remember???

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