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Obama creating a nation of lazy, good-for-nothing mooches

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  1. I have experienced long term unemployment. Depression is a mental state caused by sitting on your ass not doing anything all day. I know lots of these so called ‘victims’ and ive been their myself although i had my head screwed on straight enough to realize i was only a victim of my own behavior. If our government did not support that behavior and these people had to actually suffer real physical duress i.e. goimg without food or other necessities due to their lack of income then i frigging guarantee you that they would be able to find a job

  2. At least the author made a passing reference to the fact that some need to be on it. Coming from a conservative, that’s practically a revelation.

  3. All the bums I know of here in TN who draw a disability check and are perfectly capable of working vote Republican.

    • Of course, almost everyone act in self interest. The thing is, (most) Republicans wouldn’t complain if they were no longer allowed to do so.

  4. once again people, there are going to be idiots in any program, organization, company and part of government.
    people on cruises using ebt benefits are not food stamp benefits that is cash benefits or heap payments. people are working but making less money, therefore; they need foodstamps to supplement their incomes. disability, nobody is on that if you can work, they don’t want to give any one a dime when you are disabled you have a diffiicult time obtaining benefits and often require a lawyer to see that you do get benefits and it can take years. working is wonderful, you have pride, friends and your work family. Anything other than work sucks.
    Those who cannot work or find employment are depressed and deeply sadden by their situation. so do not judge those who are not working until you have experienced some type of long term unemployment, disability or need for any type of federal benefits.