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5 thoughts on “Obama Busted: Admits He Shares Values With Communist Congressman

  1. LarryG

    I realize the site name is a bit odd but there is a lot of info at:

  2. LarryG

    These “brilliant” progressives= communists believe all of the others that failed just didn’t do it right. There are only FOUR Communist countries left – N. Korea, Red China, viet Nam and Cuba. Only N. Korea is hard case Communist. The other three have had to incorporate some form of capitalism in order to survive. There has to be some reason that these fools can’t see for everybody in the world giving up on Communism and it’s because it doesn’t work and wishing it so or destroying western civilization is going to make it so. They all think like soldiers: It won’t happen to me. Someone else will be the one to die or be impoverished. There are reams of material on the subject but these intellectuals can’t seem to find any of it.

  3. George

    Now that everyone knows he is a communist and that everyone knows we have been trying get rid of communist is this country for years and now we also know we have a communist President. My question is, How did they get into power in the first place? The only way this could have happened is that they both lied to us in the first place. Secondly, Why are the people that voted them in (knowing what they know now) going to voted these bastards back into office again. PEOPLE, are you really that stupid. We have to check and double check the backgrounds of these people we are voting for and than vote them out of office.

  4. Nequelquepart

    Make this go viral. Thank you rebel pundit

  5. For my Liberty

    SICK of the POS in OUR HOUSE. IF these people WANT a different society than what we HAVE–MOVE OUT OF THE COUNTRY –GO LIVE IN CHINA and see how much you like it THEN! Probably not so much because you would be NOTHING to anyone in China–NOT the “Elitists” that you THINK you are here!

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