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12 thoughts on “Nice Day for a Wok

  1. Ron Russell

    To those on the left, if Obama is in a cartoon—it must be racist. Used this on several of my sites yesterday, before the firestorm hit. Keep up the great work Tony. Was glad to see it on The Blaze they get a lot of traffic.

  2. Kathy Graham

    I found the Cartoon to be hilarious!!! There is no racism it is at all. Just a wife yelling at her husband for faulty communication.

  3. Richard

    any people in theblaze are thinking this maybe racist…

  4. voice

    i saw on a news progra tha obama was six to ten years old not 10 to 12 years old while indonesia he had consumed dog, grasshoopers and snake. in other countries where this is thought to be a delicacy, low class, ignorant, uneducated indivuals are sophisticated enough to know that these types of things take place in other cultures and the consumption of this dog took place as a child as a sample. it’s not like a dog was on the table with an apple in it’s mouth. grow up people, an adult with a dog crapping on its owner’s car windows on a 12 hour rroad trip on top of a car is worst than a six or ten year old consuming a dog sample in a distant country. It shows the stupidity of the man. this man i would not trust with weapons that could wipe out the planet, further destroy our economy, send our eldery to the poor house and denegrate women. he could not make the decision to turn back take the dog to the vet and then continue the trip. where was his concern the the animal then. in this country we care more about dogs than people. people americans should be the primary focus of politicians not pandering, political rhethori,c postering, lies, progranda, following idiots like paul ryan, and grover norquist no matter what. we got down graded becasue of these idiots. so be on the side of idiots so when you are on the soup lines hope that it’s not dog in the pot.

  5. A.F.Branco

    Today’s Cartoon…… How well does Barack really listen to his wife? Or, Does he only hear what he wants to hear?
    Thank you Shannon Evans, for your input and inspiration for this cartoon. HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND EVERYBODY!!!!

  6. Eidorbevets

    It looks as if Obama is cooking his own goose. He claims to treat us all as if we were Grecian Gods, everything is a sacrifice or a burnt offering.

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