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Media Manipulation of George Zimmerman Tapes Still Driving the Trayvon Martin Narrative

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  1. If George Zimmerman had heeded the advice of the 911 operator and ceased following Trayvon, none of this other crap would even matter. He has no one to blame but himself! I wouldn’t donate money to buy him a can of tea or a bag of skittles right now. He screwed himself when he ignored the 911 operator and now Trayvon is dead and can’t defend himself or tell his side of the story. How convenient!

  2. There was still no reason for George to approach Travon. He even ignored the 911 dispatcher.

  3. I was completely taken aback that NO ONE (not even the prosecutor Angela Corey) took the time to verify CNN’s so called “audio expert” interpretation/role in changing the word “coon” to “punk”(which does not even remotely come close to what we hear; and no one even thought of until the “punk” thing was baught up by George’s attorney). Its absolutely insane and im praying that people will not allow the “evidence in a murder” trial to be altered to save face in regards to the race issue in America. This is absolutely ridiculous and if I were his parent’s or his families attorney’s I would sue CNN for altering this key piece of evidence and I will also make sure that the prosecutor hires/brings people in (other verified audio forensic expert analysis) to really identify what he said. Anyone with ears can hear the echoing sound that is produced by the double o’s in that word; “punks” does not produce that sound at all (and is in fact a short word in terms of pronunciation and time). This is absolutely ridiculous. Im still shocked that Angela Corey even incoorporated that in her affadavit without verifying it completely; but then again im not even sure if she cares.

  4. for one thing a news media is not required to enhance video for anyone. they report the news as it’s presented. other who enhanced the tape to say coon instead of goon are totlly wrong. did they do this for ratings propbably so. we know they can be grimey individuals. in my opinion the young man was racially profilied which led to his death. he ws walking while black. obama as a president has his hands tied when it comes to racial issues. the most powerful man in the world can not stop his people forom being racially profiled in his own country. Trayvon is one of 30 ro 40 blacks that hae been killed this year so far. if obama commented on everyone of them, race would be a major thorn in everyones side. i am beginnning to think he should, but it would be translated that he is a president of some not all. get your heads out of the sand people this is a problem.

  5. Today’s news media have so much power. When they jump to judge an incident or person and put out information as truth it causes amazing damage. Average viewers and listeners hear misinformation but many don’t hear the corrected version. It’s frustrating.