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5 thoughts on “Man With Concealed Carry Permit Stops Attacker

  1. fmrsgt

    This just proves that there need to be more stringent knife-control laws! Maybe a waiting period before you pick up your Bear Grylls Gerber locking folder? Gotta be 21 and have a permit to buy anything with a sharp edge. And close that knife-show-loophole.

    The fact that there was a legal gun in the picture is purely racist and not fair in any way. The fact that the police are praising this racist is only further proof how ultra-racist this whole situation is.

    And bringing a gun to a knife fight was not fair in any way! The crowd should have tackled him and taken his gun away and made him face down the attacker with a similarly sized knife.

    You people are racist bigot homophobes! Obama 2012! :)

    1. Frank

      i HOPE that was sarcasm. if not, you’re dumb as a 5 pound sack of…….goat cheese

    2. George

      What the hell is racist about this. There has been nothing said about the race of anyone involved. You are the only racist in this picture. Please defeat Obama, he is also a racist.

      1. fmrsgt

        My post was a joke, illustrating the likely anti-gun response to this article and how ridiculous those people can be. I thought the “knife-show-loophole” made it pretty obvious.

        From now on I’ll use Kyle’s disclaimer when writing sarcasm/satire.

        1. Ghena

          Yes. you should at least put (sarcasm) in quotes at least. Because this is text and people cannot hear your voice or see your facial expression to make a determination – is he /she joking or serious

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