John Dummett or Mitt Romney: Freedom or Appeasement

By | April 24, 2012

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8 thoughts on “John Dummett or Mitt Romney: Freedom or Appeasement

  1. Scindere

    Though I have a side of me that likes to pick out aspects of an argument that I find unjustifiable, I do agree with the underlying point that you seem to be driving home. The current political discourse (which has been overtaken, at least on the conservative spectrum, by talk radio and fox news) is proliferating a dangerous myth–anybody is better than Obama. I think that your article underscores an apparent tension in the false dichotomy that has come to characterize our current political system.

    With this aspect of the article I do agree. I do not personally agree with your position about enacting leaders who have “divine providence,” and I think there is ample reason to be skeptical of your claim that the US consitution is founded upon Biblical principles (You could perhaps try to draw a connection here, but I think that that when one chooses to take more than a cursory view of history that these arguments are more difficult to justify than what laity would wish to here).

    Nevertheless, I think that your message is particularly relevant to this audience. Individuals that view themselves as standing on one end of a reified political spectrum (i.e. left vs right) need to hear this message.

    I hope that a similar article is being written by those on the “left”.

  2. GN

    Apparently Troy didn’t read the article, either that or he is not a fan of the Founding Fathers.

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