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If Obama Wins In November, Conservatives Are To Blame


That’s right, I said it.

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And I will say it again: if Barack Obama is re-elected this November, the blame lies squarely on the shoulders of Conservatives.



Two words: Mitt Romney.

Two more words: Rick Santorum.

And even two more: Newt Gingrich.

Real Conservatives have failed miserably at finding, recruiting, and supporting a candidate who is actually conservative.  There is nothing conservative about Mitt, Newt, and Rick.  Not their policies.  Not their records.

The biggest opponent that Mitt Romney faces is Mitt Romney.  His big government record is littered with “flip-flopping” on issues.  (See Video To The Right).

Rick Santorum’s record is pock-marked with ugliness – ranging from a detrimental record on spending in The House, to voting for The Patriot Act in 2001, to ethics violations, and then to being ousted by 18 points as an incumbent in 2006.

And Newt Gingrich?  ….how much time do we have?


How can Real Conservatives allow these things to happen?

We do not have to accept those who the The Establishment Right puts into the race.  It is our duty to realize the rotten crop that is harvested every 4 years, and then go pick our own candidate.  One who has a proven track record of doing what is right for Americans.  One who believes in small government, reduced spending, reduced debt, ending foreign wars, and restoring the Constitution.  We must never let the Establishment Right pick for us.  We must never allow the media to pick for us.


In 2012, Real Conservatives allowed The Establishment Right and The Media to choose the candidates.  With no objection.  With no retaliation.


And we will all pay the price – regardless of who wins in November.


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  1. noelle fairweather says:

    No..the liberal media will be responsible..for not exposing all the many lies and broken promises that obama has made..i’m very conservative..and i have no problem voting for Romney..he’ll bring in other Republicans to seats in the Senate and Congress..people who vote on stuff..duh? Romney is way way more conservative than the right wing dummies think…and way more moderate than the left wing dummies think…he is ahead in the Rassmussen Polls…he will win in November…deal with it..he is a Christian, Capitalist, and a Citizen…a damn sight better than an illegal muslim commie.

  2. WillofLa says:

    Now I’m going to stop talking and let other people respond. Now I want to see some backbone people!

  3. WillofLa says:

    If you were goofing off at work and your boss caught you and screamed at you, would you keep doing what you were doing? Hell no. You’d stop, and probably not goog off anymore. Why? Because you wouldn’t want your boss to yell at you anymore, and you would think that if your boss caught you goofing off again you might get fired. Isn’t that the way it is in real life? Then why is it that we can’t get our representatives to do what we tell them to do? It’s because they don’t fear we might fire them for doing a bad job of protecting this nation, for spending to much money that doesn’t belong to them, for going along with Obama who is a Communist and hates this nation and our way of life. Doesnt’ that stuff make you mad? Then tell Mitt Romney that if he dosen’t do what you tell him to do you’ll come to Washington and act on your Constitutional right that says you can throw out a despot or a out of control government.

    Our government has been out of control. Why haven’t we gone to Washington and thrown these bastards out of office, and I mean physically throw him or her out of office? Why? Because liberals have created a police state where we aren’t allowed to act on our Constitutional rights anymore, that’s why. Obama tells us what to do instead of us telling him to leave office unless he can prove he’s a citizen. It’s not to late, and those who are trying to force the issue are being ignored. But at least one Supreme Court justice has agreed to look at the evidence.

    What those in charge are doing is hoping that Romney wins and Obama gets voted out of office then we won’t have to throw him out and cause a Constitutional crisis. That is what all those who know Obama is not a citizen are afraid of causing because no one would know what to do, nothing like this has ever happened in America before. Why? Because no one has ever LET something like electing a Communist who isn’t even a citizen to President before, that’s why.

  4. WillofLa says:

    Why do you think liberals came up with all this “PC” crap? Why do you think liberals believe you need “anger management training” if you get mad about something? It’s because they want you under control, that’s why. It’s because they want you to believe that your God given emotions aren’t what you are supposed to go by when something is wrong. They want you to believe that seeing Harry Reid stand there and say he isn’t going to vote for this bill, it’s “dead on arrival”, is just politics and not because Harry Reid is a corrupt bastard that needs to hell beaten out of him and run out of Washington. Or better yet, he should be arrested for violation of his oath of office and violation of the Constitution.

    Do any of you think that if we marched on Washington really mad, a hell of alot madder than we were when we went to Washington to try to stop the ObamaCare bill from passing. And why didn’t we stop Nancy Pelosi from going back into the Capital building and hold her, and demand that she do her job and we will not tolerate her doing otherwise. But nobody had the guts to touch her, and she knew it.

    Do you know why our representatives won’t do what we tell them to do? Because they don’t fear us, that’s why. They should. Don’t you think so? That’s why we fear the liberals isn’t it, because we fear they might do something to us and we’ll loose our job, or our homes or our kids will be harrassed at school if we go up there and tell the school to stop teaching our kids that America is a bad country? Did any of you call up to your school when they showed Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth” to your kid? I did. And demanded that they inform me when they might be about to show something to my kid that I disagree with. And I didn’t tell them in a nice voice either. I showed them that it really upset me that my kid had to watch a bogus movie that was a lie, and I told them that to.

    The good people of America need to start putting the fear of God into our representatives and mayor’s, governor’s, state reprep’s., school officials and everyone who is doing a job that we don’t have time or the training to do ourselves. That’s why we have those kinds of things, and that is to do those things we can’t do ourselves. That’s why we have governments, so those things that governments do will be done because I can’t go down to the border with Mexico and stop every illegal crossing, or bringing dope into my country. I leave that up to the U.S. Border Patrol. They are supposed to be doing that job for me so I’ll have a safe and secure country.

    How about having a safe and secure government that wouldn’t think of doing something that would make the people mad. Because if our government did we would call them or go to their office and chew their butts off, that’s why. They would fear the people.

    That’s why liberals get away with doing what they do and that is because they show up in front of some corporation or some representatives office and scream and hollar at them, and those people don’t want to see those mad people again so they do what those people scream at them to do.

  5. WillofLa says:

    It may sound like I’ve given up. No, I haven’t. What I’ve done is face what America is like it is, not like I wish it could be. I’m facing reality, not a dead dream. I want America to be like the Constitution says it should be, not to go back to things the way it used to be. Sure, that would be great, it would be great to have gasoline at $.26 a gallon but until we can get the big oil companies out of bed with the Arabs and the rich Democrats in the government, we won’t ever see gas below three dollars a gallon…..ever.

    Ever wonder why we couldn’t beat Harry Reid in Arizona in 2010? Because we didn’t beat the living hell out of him when he cheated to get back in office again, that’s why. We didn’t go to the casino’s and beat the living hell out of the union guys and tell the they had better not do that again or they will see us again. Isn’t that what our grandparents would tell us to do? And the thing about it is, that IS what they used to do. But we can’t do that anymore, why? Because we live in a police state where you can’t do the right thing anymore. Why? Because liberals saw to it to make laws that keep us from being able to do the right thing anymore, that’s why. They saw that we would go down to the Senate building, walk down that aisle, grab Harry Reid and just start beating the hell out of him. And they didn’t want Harry to resign because he knew he had been caught at cheating and was sorry, because we made him be sorry for cheating.

    I’m not suggesting going around beating people up, but, yeah, I am, when it needs to be done. That’s what our grandparents who came from a generation that didn’t take any crap off of crooks like Reid, Pelosi, Obama. They would have said, “Now, you just wait a damn minute Obama. You can’t just say you refuse to show your damn birth certificate or school records, we need to know you are a citizen before we let you become a candidate!” Can’t you see your grandparents telling Obama that? I can. Why could they do the right thing and it seems we can’t? Why couldn’t we march on Washington and go in the RNC and DNC headquarters and demand that Obama show who he really is, especially since we know he has all kinds of Communist affiliations, and all kinds of racist associations. “Damn it, we have a right to know who this guy is and whether or not he is loyal to this nation!!”

    Can’t you see your grandparents telling the RNC and DNC people that? Why didn’t we do that?

    We can still do alot of stuff that way because it is still happening even as of yesterday. We have the power in our hands. Not even Obama wants us mad as hell and stomping around making government officials changing their minds about things.

    To prove we still can do what our grandparents would do, the Dept. of Labor changed their minds about making that rule change disallowing children to work on farms when a ton of people called, visited the website, and state farming officials, mayor’s and people, okay, people, enough people did what they knew was the right thing to do, and they forced the Dept. of Labor to change their mind about that law. And do you know why they did it? Because they said it was because of “overwhelming public opposition”.

    Do you think we could do that from now to this coming November? We better!

  6. WillofLa says:

    I agree with the commentor’s, and some good governor would be good to. But that has been the problem and that is everytime we come up with a good candidate, no money comes in, the GOP destroys him, we are our worse enemy when it comes to declaring we are conservative. Let’s go back to what our forefathers said about parties. Most of them hated parties because they saw enough of that crap in Great Britain to be done with parties and their bickering with each other and spliting hairs about everything.

    I think that we need to take a closer look at what the Constitution says about who would be qualified for President and it would be just about anyone who is a citizen. But does it take just a person who has Christian faith, knowledge of how to run a business, how to solve large problems, can’t be bought off, has a solid awareness of when someone is trying to take advantage of him, and would he be aware he was being taken advantage of if some of these sharp Republican’s and Democrats came to him, say if he won the office, and told him he couldn’t do something because it was against the law or would cause serious problems, would he be wise enough to know what to do without following either one of their advice? Wisdom is a very hard thing to find in people these days because people have been led to believe that easy is the best way to do everything, and hard causes to many problems for to many people.

    He would certainly have to have many attributes that I just don’t see in most people these days. Maybe if we could go back in time and look for someone who had the upbringing, a solid foundation in the Bible, had the life experiences that had developed the wisdom needed to be able to stand on his own two feet when it came to doing hard things like deporting all the illegals, telling all the Muslims to leave and tell them the truth about how dangerous they are to everyone around them and that makes them a national security risk to great to allow them to stay here, tell the Socialists and Communists in our government and in our country that their ideology is no longer allowed in our country because it to is a threat to our national security, and they will be ordered to leave the country to.

    America has to many enemies inside the country. You take someone of good sense a long time ago and they would tell you right off that they need to be gotten rid of or thrown out of the country. Now we have been so brain washed by liberals to believe that everyone and anyone has the right to be here and do whatever they want to us and the country. That attitude is what stops us from opposing the simplest Democrat spending bill because stopping it would hurt to many people. That man who would be president would have to say to them, “Tough” and be able to throw that bill out, and the men who came up with it.

    America needs people who don’t exist anymore in our society. They died a long time ago and there is no one who has been raised right anymore to take their place in this time period. They don’t exist in this liberal society. All we have who call themselves conservatives are people who are angry that things aren’t the way they should be. Saul Alinsky saw it like it is and said you can’t make decisions based on how you wish it could be (anymore), you have to look at it the way it is now, and then do what needs to be done to make things like you want them to be (in America). That’s why the left is winning and we are loosing. It’s because the left is making things in America like they want them to be. We aren’t. We’re still trying to find someone who will make things in America like we wish they could go back to being when things were good for everyone before the left got hold of everything. That is a dream, not a vision. The left has the vision, we don’t. We just have a dead dream. And we don’t know how to get there from here. We need to be doing what the left is doing and take things away from them, but it’s going to take one hell of a fight that I just don’t think there is anyone around anymore who could fight that well, and win. It’s going to take alot more than money and passion. It’s going to take the kind of organization the left has got, and do you know why they can do it and we seem not to be able to? It’s because the left acts on the passion of the young. We would have to stir up passion for what a conservative America would look like. The left has that picture they can tell the young about that stirs up that kind of passion where they are willing to get up in the face of people like us and run us off. Why? Because we don’t have that kind of passion anymore. The passion our grandparents had to save the world from the Nazi’s and Japs is what we need now. But the young don’t think Socialist or Communist or Muslims are a danger anymore like we know they are.

    And until you can come up with an arguement that will convince enough young people to fight for what we want that is greater than the passion they feel for what the left is telling them, then we will loose from now on. Conservatism doesn’t light fires in the souls in men anymore. We are in total defensive mode, and you can’t win a war being in the defence all the time. We did that in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan. We don’t have the courage to fight for how we want the country to be, not like we wish it could be, anymore.

  7. fmrsgt says:

    Where do we find a conservative to run for president? We can’t just show up at Alan West’s door and force him to run.

    I do agree that Romney will be bad for the party. He might be able to salvage the economy, or at least stem the bleeding, but a Romney win will tell the party that we have capitulated and agree that conservatism is dead.

    • TJ Thompson says:

      Allen West disqualified himself from being President when he voted in favor of the NDAA.

      • fmrsgt says:

        I am also a Ron Paul guy, I just threw in AW’s name because I’m SOOOO tired of being told what a moron I am for supporting Paul. My favorite is being told how weak I am on foreign policy by supporting Paul. I’ve done two tours in Afghanistan as an infantry squad leader. I *may* have a little more insight than the average pseudoconservative who wants to invade the whole world ‘cuz this is ‘Merica!

        The problem is that there are probably very, very few REAL conservatives who want to take a chainsaw to the size of government rather than tweezers. Many have been brainwashed into believing that medicare, medicaid, social security and social welfare are legitimate functions of government and to do away with them is mean-spirited.

        I used to contribute at roguegovernment quite a bit, but I’m so disgusted with the R’s that I don’t feel like I have a team to play for anymore.

        Personally, I think no matter who wins in November, America is done as a superpower.

        • TJ Thompson says:

          You hit the nail on the head with your analysis — and statement that there are “very, very few REAL Conservatives”.

          I don’t think that this election will bury us as a superpower – but that implosion is getting closer and closer if we do not drastically change things … and FAST.

    • Scott says:

      Allen West he voted for the NDAA Martial Law Bill Allen West is a hate mongering media whore he will say anything to get attention and raise money he doesn’t care about the Constitution
      1.West voted for the NDAA BILL
      2.West voted for the Patriot Act
      3.West supported the Federal Reserve
      4.West attacks Ron Paul’s Small Government policies

  8. Craig Thayer says:

    Who do you suggest then should be our candidate?

    • TJ Thompson says:

      Who? That is the big question. Are there people out there anymore who embody Real Conservative values? These are the people we need to seek out now, and start the movement to bring them to the forefront.

      Who should be our candidate? Congressman Ron Paul? Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels? Someone Else? I personally support Ron Paul, but in all honesty, I would be a staunch Mitch Daniels supporter as well. Maybe you don’t like either of them.

      This is the problem that Real Conservatives face. Pseudoconservatives know who they support – Mitt Romney. Leftists know who they support – Barack Obama. Libertarians know who they support – Gary Johnson. Real Conservatives support…… who knows.

      The disorganization of Real Conservatives is the biggest problem we face. We need to get organized. Get a platform together. And seek out a candidate who holds and lives those values.

      • Charlie Alley says:

        Mitch Daniels!!!???? Haahahahahahahaha!!! You’ve got to be kidding??!! As a native Hoosier who knows his history, current events and politics, there is very little about Mitch that is conservative.