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4 thoughts on “Hollywood Hypocrisy

  1. Jan Brown

    Erin, appreciate seeing this ‘angle’ of isues. There are so many involved it’s almost impossible to see them all on one’s own. When it comes to some of the commenters I consider the source. Some are content only to be malcontent.

  2. Jon

    I’m not completely deaf to the argument that it is not the government’s job to subsidize art, or that when something is obscene it should not be paid for…but I keep coming back to what Churchill said during World War II when things were at their worst. It was suggested that the cut funding for the arts…now keep in mind this is during total war with Germany…and he responded by saying, “Then what are we fighting for?” As for obscenity, art is subjective. Have you never had the experience of watching a movie with someone and when it was over you both had completely different viewing experiences. What one person finds offensive, another person may find completely profound.

    The tweet from Rightwingdharma, that if we get attacked we can send artists to attack us…If it weren’t for soldier artists we wouldn’t have literary masterpieces like Catch-22, The Caine Mutiny, From Here to Eternity, Slaughterhouse Five, The Things They Carried, The Sun Also Rises, The Naked and the Dead…and that’s just from American artists who served! So, you know, more like Wrongwingdharma…ugh. That was a bad joke. Have a good weekend.

  3. Erin

    Thanks for reading!
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  4. Erin Haust Post author

    For the record, I am fully aware that Baldwin resides in New York and not Hollywood. He does, however, maintain the Hollyweirdo mentality!

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