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GOP Nomination Is Far From Over

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  1. RBailey says:

    So much naivety. So much self-aggrandizement. So much “I know better than you” all in one post by someone who has clearly not lived long enough to make those claims.

    T or TJ or whatever you call youself .. this is the work of someone without the wisdom of history. It is merely the unicorns and Utopias of a different political spectrum. You may or may not understand today, but you will soon.

  2. Sarah Gonzalez says:

    This post is so off-the-mark it seems almost surreal. Obviously the author is a Paul-bot to the enth degree.

    The primary is over. Romney has won and will get the required delegates to prevent a brokered convention.

    If, instead, you were hoping to push for a 3rd party nomination of Ron Paul (which was only mildly evident in your pitiful attempt at writing) you are the problem. Less then 10% of the voting populace is undecided at this point. Splitting them could mean having Barack Obama pick another 2 supreme court justices.

    Get over yourself young man. You’re missing the point entirely.