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Failure of the Hive Mind: Manmade Climate Change Not Killing Off Bees

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  1. Agree with your conclusions and the use of lazy research by global warming alarmists regarding colony bee collapse in order to further their agenda. Unfortunately you are guilty of same as these idiots in blaming another industry for this demise of honey bee colonies.

    The faulty study in question came from Harvard (gee, who else do we know received their degree from there?)and has been refuted by dozens of other studies and scientists around the world as bogus. In fact, the study showed just the opposite. Four samples of high fructose corn syrup were used. Three were spiked with abnormal amounts of the insecticide and the fourth was used as it is normally manufactured and produced. Bees died with the spiked syrup. The control (non-spiked) had no effect on bees. So the insecticide which is used as a coating on the seed does not transfer to the grain or the meal or the HFCS as they claim and you report. In fact the insecticide is used on thousands of acres of canola seed production where honey bees are used to pollinate the plants. They are in close proximity to the insecticide in the ground with no ill effects.

    So don’t use sloppy analysis and reporting to try to prove a point and further your agenda.

  2. Next time let us throw our climate gods into a carbon-belching volcano to appease the economy.

  3. This article is a great metaphoric comparison demonstrating the central operative in the left’s crimes on humanity. To believe any specie’s demise, that is not fairly instant, is caused by “weather” is just having your head up your ass! Pesticides have a history of exactly this behavior mentioned in your piece. Weather has a history of hurting things at the time of occurrence, instantly, right before your eyes. It is logical and makes sense. It is ‘Right’! 🙂

  4. While even mentioning the alternative news can put you at risk of ridicule, and the loss of credibility, they are still very entertaining things to listen to. That being said, Art Bell had entomologists and apiarists on years ago warning about this, and mentioning pesticides and mites.
    I mention this, to try to illustrate just how FAR the global warming crowd goes to sell their false narrative of humanity-caused catastrophe. The anthropomorphic crowd was even crazier than the alternative media/over-night entertainment shows’ claims!