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8 thoughts on “Exclusive Report: Occupy Movement’s ‘Black Bloc’ Anarchists Demand Government Handouts

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  2. John Withee

    There certainly are “Blaine Dabbley”s that exist out there, but this ridiculous and poorly-written portrayal of someone who involves himself in riots for the fame, or the guy who claims the government should give him hookers, is so absurd and unfounded that only a conservative could have written it.

    If there’s any lack of critical thought around here, it lies in the mind of the author of this crap piece of work.

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  5. fmrsgt

    I think Blaine should be a recurring character. He reminds me of a LOT of snot-nosed kids I knew in college.

  6. JBrenn

    Wow, sometimes you capture the warped mindset of the left (and anarchist) so well, it’s frightening. This piece had me alternating between anger and incredulous chuckles at the irony and complete lack of critical thought from the left.
    You’ve done one heck of a job painting this scene.

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