Bob Beckel Loses It On Hannity, Yells “F*CK” Live On The Air

By | April 17, 2012

H/T The Gateway Pundit

Bob Beckel wasn’t being very gentlemanly when he appeared on Hannity’s Great American Panel last night. He dropped a major F-bomb live on the air, and refused to apologize.

Update: Unbeknownst to me, there is another video, as so accurately pointed out my gracious colleague, that does show Bob Beckel apologizing. Please see the 2nd video at this link, where, as Mediaite points out, Bob Beckel refused to believe he was on air when he said what he said, but he does eventually apologize.

Unlike what my colleague would have you believe in his post, never once did I refuse to correct my original post; at the time of my post I had not seen the Mediate update, nor did I see the update at The Blaze.

I still stand by my original statement that it was quite ungentlemanly of Mr. Beckel, and it was only after he finally realized he was on air that he apologized. So, as Paul Harvey used to say, that’s the “rest of the story”- the real truth!


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3 thoughts on “Bob Beckel Loses It On Hannity, Yells “F*CK” Live On The Air

  1. Patriot

    Let’s be correct here. Bob Beckle was rude, crude and way out of line. He apologized true. close your eyes and imagine the F bomb coming from Limbaugh or Ann Coulter. How quickly would they be fired?

  2. TJ Thompson

    Respectfully, you are wrong…. Bob DID, in fact, apologize. If you watch the complete video without the convenient edits, you will hear the apology

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