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Another NYC shooting death that doesn’t fit the MSM Narrative.

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  1. And, Jeannette replies ‘what’s deductive reasoning’? Get a clue girly.

  2. Jeanette,

    I believe it is you who is the idiot. Armed white man murders innocent brother in fear of his life. So they are not running his grade school picture to show him as the picture of innocence as with Martin. Bloomie has his piehole sealed. Why? Because this one was obvious. Poor little Trayvon’s record is covered up, the fact that he was suspended from school, busted with drugs and caught with burgled propery and tools….because some (non white) Hispanic guy dropped him after being assaulted, everyone wants his head. He may walk. The facts have not come out, despite Angela Corry’s weak indictment of Z and her playing/pandering to the masses.

    An armed society is a polite society. And the Second Amendment is the reason there is a First Amendment. Don’t forget that and have a nice day. Come back when you get a brain and some powers of deductive reasoning.

  3. And this case is similar to Trayvon Martin in WHAT way? Idiots!!!