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The Successful Desensitization of the American Voter

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  1. We will see what freedoms we have left on March 24 when the Tea Party marches in Washington D.C.. We will see how we are treated by the police when we try to prevent the Occupier’s from invading our meeting. We will see who the police are protecting, us or them. We will see who has more freedom of speech, us or them. We will see who has more freedom to act on what they want to do, to try to stop anyone who opposes anyone who has a different ideology, us or them. We will see what freedoms we have left when the Tea Party meets in Washington.

  2. I’ve tried to explain what has happened to our government that Democrats seem to be able to create any kind of law they want. They seem to be able to make any kind of unConstitutional law they want. How can they do that? Back in 1933 when the then President Roosevelt ordered the Supreme Court to accept his bill he had the House to write, made Constitutional. They refused. He threatened them with empeachment if they didn’t and that he would replace them with liberal judges. The bill was the New Deal, which was pure Socialism in a democratic form. They told him that, he knew they were right but didn’t care, he wanted it anyway because it would give him the power to make all the other changes he saw America needed in order to become more of a Socialist country with a government that could grow as big as it wanted.

    He kept putting more and more pressure on them until they gave in and the New Deal became a law. This opened the door to more of the same later on but the court allowed some but stopped alot of it. As years went by the makeup of the Court changed back and forth. Some courts were more conservative and rolled alot of the Socialism back, and some Courts were more liberal and allowed Socialism to move forward. Always with one damn judge being the deciding factor whether or not a unConstitutional bill becoming law or not.

    Lately it’s been a standoff, but not after alot of bills being passed that have been very important in that they erased the Constitutional control of how bills were made. No more was our government making laws according to the Constitution. Now they were being made like America was a Socialist controled government that was allowed to get as big as it wanted with the creation of new departments that had not ever been allowed to exist before now. How did this happen?

    The Democrats made law the ability to pass unConstitutional laws to grow the size and scope of government to the point where it was invading every single part of our lives, our businesses, our private property rights, our ability to go to and from without hinderance,i.e. the TSA, and laws that took out money away from us without the slightest control of Congress or a President who was on our side. The Democrats had accomplished what they only dreamed of thirty or forty years ago now. Under this current President the Socialists have been riding rough shod over the freedoms, liberties, and rights of the people, and worse our Constitution.

    The United States is run by a Socialist/Communist form of government now that does not answer to the Congress or the Supreme Court as to whether or not it can invade yet another part of our private lives or take property from us. It is operating at the whim of those who have come from the Communist intelligencia of acedemia. They have been working at tearing down our form of government for a hundred years and they have nearly accomplished all but one or two things left to do. The last is of course health care. Once that is taken from us we are not free anymore. And amnesty of anyone who wishes to come to this nation. It’s been said that once a nation looses it’s sovereignty and national identity, it soon is a nation no more. As a people we will cease to exist, our currency will cease to exist, our heritage will cease to exist and America will be no more.

    How can we save our nation? It’s to late for that because we would need fifty to sixty years of unhindered work to undo all that the Democrats have had the freedom to undo our Constitutionality, we would have to rebuild back into Constitutionality. And as long as there are liberals left who would oppose us every step of the way we would not be able to rebuild the nation back to what it once was. That is gone forever. What we could do would be to build something similar to what America once was and put together very strong parts of the Constitution that could not be overturned later on. But in doing that we would need to ban certain forms of speech, people’s political beliefs, and certain forms of protest would not be allowed. This is what always happens once a great nation like ours is allowed to be destroyed slowly but surely over a long period of time until it ceases to exist. How does that happen, weren’t the people watching what was going on? Who was it that let it happen? When people’s work becomes less and less of a struggle and their lives become more and more comfortable by their own effort, the people become so comfortable in what they have created for themselves that they rest. And while they are resting the enemy of freedom and liberty and rights begins to undermine all that the people have done for themselves. Until one day when the people wake up from their rest they find that the enemy has take their entire house and everything in it away from them. And when the people look back to see if their bed is still there, it is gone now to. That’s how the enemy does it to us. They take everything we have away from us while we sleep. And when we wake up it’s all gone and we didn’t even know what happened.

    What does that all mean? It means that when a people forget where they came from and how hard they had to work to get what they have, and forget that there are forces that are trying to take what they have away from them every minute of every day, they stop watching for the enemy. And once they stop watching for the enemy that wants to take all that the people have provided for themselves, away from them that’s when the enemy comes in and takes all that the people have.

    This is Communism, Socialism, and Liberalism, and Environmentalism, Multiculturalism. These are all the things that have attacked this nation. We are no longer a sovereign nation, that has been taken from us a long time ago. We no longer have freedom of speech, we are not free to travel without being body searched, our enemies have more freedom to come and go without hinderence while we have to have a passport to get back into our own country.

  3. But people are afraid to do that, to march on Washington with guns in our hands, and it’s because we know that there would be armed resistance against us and there would be much blood on both sides. There are many people who are saying that “violence” is never the answer. Really? Did our forefathers think that? Don’t you realize that they did everything they could “legally” and in writing and talk to try to get the King of England to understand how he was treating us was wrong? Don’t you think that for decades now we have been doing the same? And during all this time our little voices crying out in the wilderness weren’t being listened to by enough Americans to matter. That those who opposed the government went as far as they could legally and it made no difference at all. And it’s because while we were waiting for all these court hearings and such taking up months and years of time that the left knew it would take, in the mean time they were hard at work tearing this nation down as much as they could. They were out on the street organizing and holding open air talks with people on the street in order to capture their attention and try to show them how we were wrong and they were right. But it wasn’t being done with reality and truth, it was with fantasy and lies. But the people didn’t know the difference by that time because of TV, video games, cell phones, computers, a possession of all the news media in both printed matter and on TV convinced the people that the Socialist were the ones who were on our side and the “right” was trying to put them all into somekind of spiritual prison with all their talk about church and Christianity being violated by government, when the left favored and was trying to protect everyone’s right to faith.

    We didn’t know what to believe, and we couldn’t even believe what we were seeing with our own eyes anymore. Where does that leave us? We have been captured in our own country by the force of the police the left uses to make sure we stay on course. Otherwise we loose everything if we say the wrong thing, that is if we speak out against what they are doing.

    We’re scared, we’re to scared to go up against the left because of people on our side are telling us not to use what is available to us, and right now is a right we do have Constitutionally because of all the problems it would cause using guns to take our government back, and the police would die, and our people would die, and these people who telling us NOT to use violence don’t want to have to deal with all those kinds of problems it would cause. Job loss, from the man of the house would be dead or in jail, and it would look like what is going on in the Middle East right now. They are saying we’re supposed to be “civilized” and shouldn’t be acting like that.

    Don’t you think our forefathers thought about all that before they took that first step towards freedom?? How far will we go to RE-secure our freedoms lost? What are we willing to give up in order that America will RE-become the land of the free?? Are you willing to let go of your job, your nice air-conditioned home, you good paying job, your comfortable car, to fight against the leftist who WILL WIN if we aren’t more ready and able to go and get our freedom back from them. They are going to win if we do nothing, like we are doing now. They are going to win if we don’t see that our cause is much greater than any Communist punk on the street carrying their little banner. That banner is greater than the American flag right now, don’t you realize that?

    What are you going to do to put down their revolution against our Constitution and their agenda to take our freedoms and liberties and rights enumerated in our Constitution and Declaration of Independence? You just can’t give up your TV, and your nice car?

    Then if you can’t say “YES, I am ready to march and give it up because if I don’t, the Socialist will TAKE it all from me and I’ll have nothing!!”, then we’ve already lost and you might as well lay down and get ready to die.

  4. And I’ll tell you something else to, and that is that after all these trumped up crisis’s that have chipped away at our incomes and way of life, we are at the point where we are living from paycheck to paycheck now, we can’t take to much more. When people’s lifestyles and livlihoods are threatened like they are now, any threat from the government that it can’t protect us from the next economic crisis or threat, we get even more scared and feelings of insecurity flood over us to the point where it is affecting every member of our family. Even they are having the same problems and their feelings of fear and insecurity has grown out of proportion to our belief that the government is not going to let things get so out of control that we loose everything.

    But after the Democrat staged “October Surprise” of 2008 where 45% of everyones savings and investments in the stock market were wiped out, and what we saw the government doing about it with TARP, and then find out that it was the government that did it to us, and they are going to put the very men who did it to us right back in control of the government entities that wreaked half the worlds economies, was just plain insane!! We’ve all learned a very soberijng and shocking lesson that we cannot trust the government when they tell us that they are looking after us, when we know damn well they are not. As a matter of fact the government is doing everything it can to take all that we’ve worked most of our lives to provide for ourselves away from us.

    But what the real problem is is our own elected representatives are in the same boat politically in that if they cause to many waves there are people in the government who’ve become so powerful that they could cause our representative to resign or no less to be quiet and not do a single thing for the rest of their term. Like, what the hell is that????

    Who are these people who gained that much power? And does our Constitution hold any way to take these powerful people down about ten notches to where they are equal with who we’ve put in place to do our bidding? Where is our defence? How can we inpower our people in government? Do we have to stand by and watch as we loose everything we have and at the same time watch our side of the government become neuttered? That is a formula for armed movement against the government that our Constitution does give the people of this nation the right to do in order to get rid of a government that is out of control and is being run by despots!!!

    If our own representatives cannot come up with the guts to stand up against these Communists and Socialists with no fear of what they could do to them, then it is past time to go to Washington and take our government back from those who have reconstructed it in their image. It’s because it is no longer in the image or our forefathers!