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The President's Budget Fails: 414-0

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  1. Our Constitution is based on Natural Law. Natural Law is based on the Holy Bible, and God’s law. God’s law says no harm will be done to the people, and no harm will be done to the nation.

    Now, go back to all the Democrat laws and tell me which one has not done somekind of harm to some of the people of this nation for some political reason, and which one has not harmed this nation somewhere for political reason’s, for the advancement of Socialism/Communism/Liberalism, not for adhereance to the Constitution. This budget is just a continuence of more harm to the people, and the nation.

    Every bill MUST obey the Constitution. And if it obey’s the Constitution then it must be according to Natural Law. If it’s not, then it’s not Constitutional. Our lawmakers must ask while debating the bill, does this bill, or amendment depending on what part they are debating, follow what the Constitution says it must do and do what we want this bill to do. If it doesn’t but they want it to pass anyway, our law says they must all vote against it. Otherwise they are violating the Constitution.

    Don’t ever let a politician tell you that every law can’t possibly follow the Constitution. He might try to use the logic, which it’s not, that it would be like trying to follow every rule in the Bible, you know it can’t be done. Well, the Constitution is NOT the Bible, nor is it as difficult to follow as the Bible is. Our forefathers made sure it wouldn’t be like trying to follow the Bible. They made sure it would be easy to follow, if, IF that is, the man is HONEST, and of good faith.

    It’s a proven fact that most all Democrats are dishonest and have cold hearts. Otherwise they wouldn’t be the one’s who are Communists right in our own very government, and they don’t see anything wrong with that. So they come up with ridiculous bills that violate the Constitution all the time. All Democrat laws need to be repealed, or rather all Democrat DECREE’S need to be removed from law which they are not.