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The Mob now rules Zimmerman’s fate

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  1. First of all it’s any parents worst nightmare.. and I’m a parent and grandparent

    The MSM has neglected to report a couple minor details, among them– If you listen to the dispatch-Zimmerman tape
    1, Zimmerman did not get out of his vehicle and pursue after the police told him not to– he was out off the car when he called the police.
    2. There is reason to believe that Zimmerman broke off the pursuit when the dispatcher suggested it, and may have been headed back to is vehicle
    3. there is an eye witness who has Martin beating the crap out of Zimmerman w/Zimmerman screaming for help. The other witnesses did not see the fight they heard it and assumed the screams for help were coming from Martin..
    4. I was wearing a US Army uniform when I was 17 and I was in much better shape than a 30 yo man who spends his evenings looking for kids wandering around acting like kids
    5 If he was hunting Martin, he’d have shot him before, not after be got his butt kicked.

    The police would have a good idea where Zimmerman was when he made the call– where the shooting was and the location of Zimmerman’s truck, they would be able to tell from that whether Zimmerman was headed back towards his truck or if he’d keep looking for Martin after he and the dispatcher finished the conversation. The responding officers must have felt that he was in fact returning to his truck- and that Martin had come back looking for – then attacking him.

    That is why he was not charged-pending further investigation- he’s not off the hook by any means, a Grand Jury could easily return an indictment- After a full and complete investigation–

  2. Given Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton’s track record over the last 30 years, their involvement might be the best news Zimmerman’s had in a month..

    As for the Panthers- They vowed to raise an Army of 10,000 to pillage–errr search the city. Right now they have 8,

    Florida probably has at least 200,000, well trained, well equipped, well armed uniformed police officers throughout the state, pretty sure there’s some mutual assistance agreements.

    As for the reward- if anything happens to Zimmerman a reasonable case of kidnap/murder for hire could be made- They claim they want to arrest him and turn him over to authorities-that might work if it wasn’t for the fact there are no charges against him. Federal or State

    • In my mind, the problem here is that Mr. Zimmerman hasn’t been arrested or detained. I agree that Jackson, Sharpton and especially Farrakhan are all radicals and out of control for the most part but the fact remains that an American youth was casually walking down the street and someone charged with protecting him (via neighborhood watch) shot him; dead. I’m sorry but if it had been my son, who by the way wore hoodies at that age (oh and is white), had been the victim of Mr. Zimmerman’s rash action, I’d be out for blood too! There is no “oops” here, what he did should be a chargeable, jailable offense. He was not threatened by this child. He acted rashly and irresponsibly! AND I am apalled that so many are justifying what he did. My God how can we turn a blind eye to the fact that an unarmed child was killed by this man? (And I know that many of you reading this will say that Trayvon was not a child BUT any Mom in the world will agree that her son is still a child at that age!) Shame on Mr. Zimmerman and shame on any who defend him!!