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2 thoughts on “The Left’s Childlike Mentality: America as the Daycare State

  1. Trapped in CA

    I feel I must point out not ALL the folks in the Obama administration are baby boomers and not all baby boomers were coddled either. If you want to see real coddling look to the helicopter parents. When. Any boomers were kids we went off to play a d the only instructions were “be sure you come home by dinner time.”. No one drove us to school and I really did walk 2 miles in the snow to my grammar school. My first job was at the parish rectory when I was 14 and both my husband and I had our own apartments at 16. No one ever even imagined being on our parents insurance at the age of 26, many of us had our own kids to support by that age.
    It’s easy to point to the Boomers and say “it’s all their fault.” Only one problem with that, it’s just not true. Obama voters come in all ages, but statistics show more young folks supported him than seniors, which is what most boomers are now.

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