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The Democrat Party: About That Messy Democracy Thing…

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  1. I just hope that those who were Democrats have awakened to the fact that this little story is exactly like they found the party to be telling them. At least the Black party members who woke up and realized that, yes, this is what they have been hearing for years now. The Socialist Democrat Party is telling all those who’ve they’ve been taking care of for years and years now, that they just need to keep quite and stay in their corner and the Party doesn’t need them to do or say anything in order for them to know how they feel. The Black and now, White Democrats are awakening to the same thing. I’m sure it angers both, that is I hope it is angering them.

    I want to hear more from Democrats who’ve woke up and realize they had been taken for a ride all these years, and their votes were wasted when they could have voted for a better person who was running against the Democrat. And now they regret putting the Democrat, who is really a Socialist or worse a Communist, who is working on taking all the rights away from not only the very people who helped put them into office but those who believed that voting against them was sending a message to Democrats that there is a whole bunch of people in this country who aren’t going to let them destroy this nation.

  2. Well done! Like this!