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Ten Things Every Gun Owner Must Know About Barack Obama

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  1. All there is to say about what Obama plans on doing about our 2nd Amendment rights is what every dictator has done in order to keep the people from rising up IN ARMS, and overthrowing the government. These “revolutions” have been repelled by the government when only the government are the only ones who have guns. When the government is the only one of the two parties who are at war with each other has the guns, only the one with the firepower wins.

    And a good example of that is Afghanistan when Russia invaded them. The Afghani’s started off with World War One weapons, and working AK-47’s were far and few between. As time went on and the Afghani’s had a few successful attacks on Russian troops, they were able to upgrade their weapons due to taking the AK’s off the dead Russian soldiers, equipment in the trucks, the trucks themselves and anything else they could land their hands on.

    When it looked like they were going to be worth helping, the U.S. got into the fighting and suppied them with the money they needed in order for them to purchase enough AK’s to provide weapons for everyone, including parts and replacement weapons. Then at that point where the Mujahdeen were equiped with the weapons they needed in order to step up the attacks on Russian truck convoys, troops moving through the area, and some aircraft, the numbers came up with more sophisticated people were joining in on the fight, including the occasional professional (mercenaries).

    We must fight Obama with everything we have available to us. We must start putting pressure on our representatives as we can to put a stop to Obama until after November in order to be able to arrest him for treason, and Holder to and anyone else who has been helping him overthrow our government. Because that is what Obama has been doing all this time and that is to use his card carrying Socialist and Communists members of his administration and those outside the government to overthrow the government.

    You don’t overthrow a government unless you are doing it very fast or if you are will to do things very slowly where the people don’t even know what is going on. Obama is doing both of these things, and still we can’t seem to get anything out of those in the government who know this is wrong what he has been doing and is doing, nor have we gotten anything other than “stern words” from the likes of Boehner and the rest of the Republican’s. We need to shake them up, and I mean it !!