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3 thoughts on “Taking the Constitution on Offense

  1. ghost dansing

    Actually give the title regarding the Constitution then citing the Declaration of Independence can be used to underscore the nonsensical nature of Coolidge’s statement.

    While the Declaration is widely considered a prolegemena to the Constitution failed in both establishing the equality of all its citizens under the law, and excluded segments of the population from participating in the great experiment in which a free people consents to governance.

    By Calvin’s time, both slavery as a Contitutionally sanctioned practice (property rights, and fractional census) and the denial of full womens suffrage had been overcome. As a champion of civil rights, which he was, he surely would have acknowledged this as progress, and would have rightfully acknowledged the role of progressive movements in these achievements.

  2. Scott McLean

    This is an amazing article and a call to arms in terms of the defense of liberty. Thank you for this, a tremendous spark needed, moving forward!!!

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