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Socialist Circle of Influence

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  1. Okay, I went on line to see what the hell was “critical race theory”. It’s shocking. And guess what, Mr. Derrick Bell the man that has been making headlines recently from the release of Breitbarts video on Saun Hannity’s show with the second in command from Andrew Breitbart’s news site provided. Derrick Bell, Obama’s close friend who Obama says “Open your hearts and minds to what this man has to say.” yeah, I guess Obama would want his Black friends to listen to what Bell had to say about “Critical Race Theory” that Bell was teaching at Harvard. Harvard should be ashamed of itself by allowing such racist programming to be done to it’s Black students that produced hate in the hearts and minds of them, that in some cases White students could have been endangered. This stuff is worse than what the KKK teached it’s people. It’s racism.

    Here is just some of what I found out about Critical Race Theory. And Obama never heard any of this while sitting in Jeromiah’s church of hate that taught Black Liberation Theory, about the same thing as what Bell was teaching at Harvard. Of course Obama had already received all he could be taught by the time he found Wright’s church, and was primed and ready to hear more White hate.

    Critical Race Theory is an academic discipline focused upon the application of “critical theory”, a NEO-MARXIST examination and critique of society and culture(the US’s), to the intersection of race, law, and power. According to the UCLA School of Public Affairs:
    CRT recognizes that racism is engrained in the fabric and system of the American society. The individual racist need not exist to note that institutional racism is pervasive in the dominant culture(White people).
    CRT identifies that these power structures are based on White supremacy, which perpetuates the marginalization of people of color.
    Scholar’s like Derrick Bell applauded the focus on civil rights scholarship on race, but were deeply critical of civil rights scholar’s commitment to “color blindness” rather than a broader focus on the conditions of racial “inequality”.

    See, Bell had a problem with liberals at Harvard who were trying to focus on civil rights rather than what Bell thought was more important and that was inequality. The articles go on to say:

    * A critique of Liberalism: CRT scholar’s favor a more aggressive approach to social “transfomation”(there’s that word Obama likes to use) as opposed to liberalism’s more cautious approach, favor a race conscious approach to transformation rather than liberalism’s embrace of color blindness, and favor an approach that relies more on political “organizing”(where did we hear that word?), in contrast to liberalism’s reliance on rights based remedies.

    Are we starting to get the picture kiddies? Are we starting to put two and two together now about where Obama is coming from?

  2. Cass Sunstein is a card carrying Socialist. Another one of Obama’s Socialist/Communist college professor buddies from his past that he made damn sure to stay in touch with in order to form a more perfect union. Get it? I used the words for the Declaration to enphysize the fact that Obama never forgot to stay in touch with these people due to the fact that Obama is not only like he was back in his college days with Danny Davis the Communist Congressman (and if you want to see that video of him coming out of the Chicago Communist Party headquarters, see The Gateway Pundit article titled “Obama’s Favorite Chicago Lawmaker Hobnobbing at Commie Headquarter’s” and you will be shocked somemore as to Obama’s background vetting we need to make sure the MSM gets and is forced to show the public who this Marxist/Communist is. Obama is also a member of the “New Party” a Communist supported party that Obama joined in order to force his way onto the Chicago school board for his first job in politics.

    I’m telling you, people that this man is THE MOST DANGEROUS man who has ever served. And is THE MOST DANGEROUS MAN WHO HAS EVER BEEN PRESIDENT OF THESE UNITED STATES!!!

    HE NEEDS TO BE NOT ONLY VOTED OUT OF OFFICE, BUT ARRESTED BEFORE HE GETS AWAY. WE NEED TO HAVE HIM ARRESTED AS SOON AS THE VOTE IS AUTHENTICATED CORRECT BEFORE JANUARY. Knowing what Obama is up to, he will make sure that the vote is not authenticated until Jan. 19th, the day before the ignauguration just to freak people out and make us think he’s not going to leave, or there is something wrong with the vote. Of course Obama could just say there are “irregularities” with the vote and it will be long after January before he can get things straightened out, or disallow the count altogether. Think about that.