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SB1: Indiana’s “No Illegal Police Entry” Bill

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  1. That troopers wife …she refers to everyone she thinks is out to get her husband as an idiot, dumbass, piece of sh*t, and wants them to burn in hell.
    No..we just want the true idiots, dumbasses, and pieces of sh*t to not be employed in the field of law-enforcement.

  2. Out of State Officer

    I stand by my above post because it could happen in any domestic situation. This Indiana Law is going to cause the above hypothetical situation to happen. Mark my words…..
    HOWEVER, I stand corrected in the Barnes case. I just read details of the incident. Apparently, both Barnes and his wife were outside when the police arrived. They both ran inside and shut the door on the police. If that is the case then screw them. Let him beat the crap out of her. See if we care. The officers tried to help. We don’t like going to domestics anyway. The officers in the Barnes case should not have gone inside if this was the case.

  3. Out of State Officer

    Officers responded to a “domestic” that neighbors witnessed. Upon their arrival, both subjects had re-entered their home. So, lets suppose that Barnes had gone inside and knocked-out his wife. Officers arrive and have to leave because Barnes told them everything was OK. Then he goes back inside and kills his wife. Guess what two officers loose their job the next day? Guess what female victim’s family sues the police department for failing to perform their duty?

    All Barnes had to do was send his wife to the door to tell the officers everything was OK, and once they saw that the domestic was over, they would have left. It was the officer’s responsibility to go inside and check the welfare of the female when the male refused to let them see if she was OK. They acted on a reasonable belief that she was in danger because of the statements of the eye witnesses next door. If the officers had left, and Barnes had killed her, and she was your daughter, sister, mother, etc., what two officers would you blame for the preventable death?

    Trooper’s Wife…………you tell em!!

  4. Wow you are an idiot along with the other dumb asses that passed this. Lets think about how this will really be interpreted by all the other un-abiding citizens. I would like to have my husband come home every night to me and his two kids. Now this bill has added even MORE danger to his job which will probably come with a pay cut, by the way officers don’t make anything compared to what they should, my husband is a trooper because he loves his job, and loves taking horrible people off the streets. Everyone who is smart enough to understand this bill wont be resisting. It will be all of the idiots out there that don’t want to be arrested for say rapping their children, killing their neighbors, or driving drunk that will take it too far and end up shooting officers. Of course they don’t want to be arrested but are we really holding court on the side of the road now?!?!? And what gives them the right to shoot my husband because they don’t want to be arrested when he has to be faced with a life or death situation or already shot before he can shoot someone. I just hope that you and all the other idiots find your self in a situation that you need law enforcement’s help and they don’t come to your side because they are to afraid of the person resisting and then in return them loosing their life! Why in the HELL should they risk their lives and chances of making it back to their family every night for peices of shit like you BURN IN HELL!!

    • Wouldn’t it be something if all law enforcement officers said screw it and there weren’t any any more?! It is the attitude you have for them, its about time they had it back for you. The US would be a mess, how about you have a little respect for them.

    • The bill would only protect INNOCENT civilians from illegal police entry, TW. If it’s a murderer or thief or drug dealer then do a little real police work, like investigating, and get a warrant or catch him away from home.

      But when I’m sitting quietly in my home, having done nothing, with my family and some ass comes crashing through my door he is likely to face rapid fire from a high-powered rifle. Yeah, I’d probably die, too, but I’d die a free man not a prisoner of a police state.

      How difficult would it be for a couple of bad guys to get some uniforms and a phony badge and force their way into a home and help themselves to whatever they want claiming that they are seizing “evidence?” This Supreme Court ruling would leave me helpless in that situation. It is considered “resisting” to even ask for an ID or to see a warrant.

      I am sympathetic to the risks your husband takes every day and I thank God their are men and women willing to do it, but please don’t ask innocent Americans to forego basic rights because some police are too lazy or incompetent to be able to tell the bad guys from the good guys with an adequate investigation.

      Good police work has always depended on the good will of the citizenry. If this ruling stands that good will will soon be lost and we will have a them-against-us relationship instead.

    • Another thing, TW, do you think that the Supreme Court ruling will make all the bad guys give up without a fight? Hell, they’re criminals. Criminals, by definition, don’t obey laws. What makes you think that they give a damn about what the Supreme Court says. And you’re calling other people idiots?

      This ruling makes your husband less safe. Now, not only will he have to worry about the bad guys resisting, he’ll have to worry about people like me that believe that America is a land of laws not unwarranted force, and that I am Constitutionally protected from unlawful entry and searches of my home.

  5. Very excited to see this happen in Indiana!

  6. A major league idiot. Quit trespassing in Indiana we enough manics already without morons like you provoking them further.

  7. You’re an idiot.